Who are the DAWGS?

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The THEMIS images will be 'overseen' by the Data Archives Working (Watchdog) Group, the DAWGs! Schedule release is to occur 6 months after acquisition of the first month's data and then continue every three months after that. So the first release will occur 6 months after the first month of science operations for that first month. The second data dump will happen three months after that for months 2 and 3 of operation. Thereafter releases will be every three months for the next three months worth of data in sequence.

Let's make a presumption that science mapping with THEMIS begins January 1 2002. With the new areobraking scheme it won't, but it will serve the purpose of explaining the duplicity of the DAWGs easier for folks to see. According to the PIP, Jan 2002 data should be released 6 months from the end of that month, hence July 1, 2002. Now the next release dump is to be three months from that month end, hence we are now at November 1, 2002 for the data acquired February n March 2002. So, for the month of Feb data, it is 9 months old from acquisition and March is 8 months old from acquisition. Moving on to the third scheduled data dump 3 full months from that November month end, and the FIRST data dump which is scheduled to include a full three months data, we are now at March 1, 2003 for data that will have been acquired in the three months of April, May and June 2002. And how long is it from April 2002 to March 2003? 11 months!!! See how the creeping DAWGs are doing the EXACT same shenanigans that they pulled with the MGS MOC images which were ALSO supposed to be released six months after acquisition? And we all KNOW that the MSSS and DAWGs of JPL did NOT live up to their policy in spirit or action. And in one of their FOIA answers NASA admits that they did NOT live up to that 6 month policy.  We will once again be back to getting data a YEAR after acquisition of the information.

 The recent image acquisition of the Cydonia Mensae Face on April 8, 2001 provides a PRIME example of the DAWGs in action.  From a NASA employee: 


and especially the dishonest duplicity:


 This isn't civilian science, this is secret ops worthy of a NSA or CIA disinformation campaign. And this is coming from a taxpayer funded University!!! the University of Arizona should be absolutely ASHAMED if they do not turn THIS camera into the 'people's camera' that they want the 2005 camera to be. What is wrong with making THIS camera that people's camera? Whose to say that the 2005 camera will even fly, much less make it safely pass the galactic ghoul of Mars and actually be operational? The THEMIS is in orbit right now, it is working flawlessly, and it is NOT owned by MSSS. It is time to let the people back into the people's science of the civilian space agency. It's time for some CATS to combat the DAWGs. A group of Civilian Anomaly Targeting Selectors can best work WITH the University of Arizona to insure that those of us in the public who rely on NASA to acquire data in which to study, and require NASA to spend our tax funds wisely, can BEST be served by the assets currently in Martian orbit. The DAWG spies still have their MOC which they can continue their withholding and manipulating games. We'll work with the THEMIS team to insure that Cydonia, the Southern Pole life forms, and many other anomalous areas of interest are imaged fully and the data released immediately and with integrity to the internet. Unless we have our own CATS in competition with those doggone DAWGs, we shall once again be behind the curve by a full year at least. Because if we do NOT get a seat at the table with CATS for the THEMIS, we KNOW, that the DAWGs will continue the behavior we have seen in the past where we had to petition Congress and the FirstLady of the United States to get them to simply live up to their own promises. Do we really really think the DAWGS will act any differently since they were not 'punished/fined' for missing their previous release schedules with the MOC?

We NEED Civilian Anomaly Targeting Selectors ( CATS ) to combat the DAWGS of NASA/JPL/USGS, otherwise we shall wait for more than a year for data from the main thrust of the THEMIS mission. The DAWGs have PROVEN this with the MOC data. We need to put some CIVILIANS back into our 'civilian' space agency, otherwise its just another NSA, CIA, DIA or other SPY agency; not an open, honest and educational program at all.

Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.

Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ??

Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk.
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.

Bob... ;-{)


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