How Deep Does the FOO-FOO Dust Go?

updated July 8, 2003 with RDR Qube work!

Screw the politics of it all till the end :)

Those 'in the know' know what I did...

For all...enjoy...

Here's the pretty pictures:


Cydonia_1_I01723003RDR_b9-1257nm.jpg (15425 bytes)



Cydonia_1_I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b4_ratio_r9g8b7_I03814002EDR_b9-1_b5_ratio_r9g8b7_filtered_merged.jpg (30093 bytes)


Cydonia_1_I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b4_ratio_r9g8b7_I03814002EDR_r4-7g4-8b4-9_filtered_merged.jpg (27855 bytes)


Cydonia_1_I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b6_ratio_r4g3b1_I03814002EDR_r6-1_g6-2_b6-3_filtered_merged.jpg (26720 bytes)


Cydonia_1_I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b8_ratio_r4g3b1_I03814002EDR_b8-1_b9_ratio_r2g5b8_filtered_merged.jpg (21587 bytes)


Cydonia_N2_I01723003RDR_b9-1257nm.jpg (13576 bytes)


Cydonia_N2_I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b4_ratio_r9g8b7_I03814002EDR_b9-1_b5_ratio_r9g8b7_filtered_merged.jpg (25294 bytes)






Cydonia.  That enigmatic and majestic piece of Mars just won't ever go away from the minds of Cydonian Villagers and Marsophiles everywhere around the world.  No matter how many images we can manage to 'squeeze' out of NASA/JPL/MSSS/ASU/PDS many of us will always continue to want more.  Why?   Because there is so so so much more hidden below those blankets of 'Foo-Foo Dust' as JPL calls it.  Why...there might be an entire civilization waiting be discovered, by YOU!  But ONLY if we look, and look with an open honesty and truthful prompt response to data acquisition and dispensation.  Sadly that has not been forthcoming.  Maybe the Europeans and Japanese will be less stingy with their data. 


When the THEMIS team first started producing the required PDS QUBES in the high-quality RDR format, NASAView ( which is the official Windows PDS software to view NASA data) worked fine with the higher quality RDR QUBES.   That stopped after the first release as the format was changed by ASU, and recently was changed again.  The above images of the Cydonia region were all derived from the less quality EDR Qubes that NASAView would open.  I sure would like to see what I could do with the much better quality stuff. 


The rest of this site has much more image processing and political messages and concrete ideas about opening our space program into a more robust, open, honest and economic engine to drive the American dream into the stars.  Sadly, our political leadership would rather continue to make tribal warfare than take the high-road and lead by example humanity's way to the stars. 

July 6, 2003

Update July 8, 2003:

The 'new' RDR Qube work

First, THANX to Holger Isenberg for the updated Windows plug-in for GIMP image processor which is able to 'crack' one of the 'new' NASA/JPL/ASU/PDS THEMIS RDR Qubes and extract the radiometrically corrected data.   Without that the following work could not have been done, nor could I have been certain that what I was seeing was actually there, or simply artifacts of the image processing process itself.  With the higher quality and geometrically correct data from the RDR files it was NOT a simple matter of finding the correct angle to 'twist' the night time IR so that it would 'fit' over the daytime IR.  No.  To do this correctly I used ENVI and 6 Ground Control Points to accurately merge the nighttime RGB ratio image onto the daytime IR image geometry.  ALL points and features lined up and what is seen is what is there, no 'shadows' from a mis-aligned or mis-twisted image placement. 


As time and feedback develops I hope to add more comment on the images at the bottom, but for now I want to first present Cydonia from the Daytime BTR with arrows and labels along with just ONE of the full overlays also labeled so that discussion can be done of various features with some degree of specificity as to which feature is being discussed.  Close-up crops follow these two images of the entire complex for which there is both day and night data.  As time allows I hope to align other ratios and present them given any significant advantage over what is shown here. 

So once more...

Here's some more 'pretty pictures' :


All_Cydonia_I01723003BTR.jpg (82705 bytes)



Cydoniacrop_I01723003btr_I03814002RDR_r3g4b5_B_GCP9warped.jpg (127719 bytes)
















I have done some preliminary VIS-Color work

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