Well, here is my first attempts at merging and combining the framelet fixed VIS images direct from the THEMIS ASU site itself.   I can 'see' why finding the 'true color' of Mars may be a bit more challenging than first 'appears'.   All images are directly loaded and layered into 3 RGB channels over a base greyscale.  Each band was increased in color depth to allow coloring and all had 'around' these values for each color band:

Red Band = R225 G125 B1

Green Band = R125 G225 B1

Blue Band = R1 G125 B225

Each layer was set at 50% with colorization hue at 15 and saturation at 255 and all done using Photoshop 6.  While the Cydonia images and equatorial dunes all are fairly consistant, the southern color shot is most certainly wierdly colored following all the same processes. 

Once more before I begin...THANX to all the folks who have interested and helped me get this far.  I remember a time when I most certainly was an 'imaging idiot' and couldn't extract, much less color a pixel to save my life.  My own life is much richer and more fun now that I have at least some rudimentary skills in this endeavor.  THANK YOU all those who have helped.  It IS very much appreciated.


Anyhoo...here's more 'pretty pictures'.




V03814003_rhw_1.jpg (120810 bytes)



V01798003_rhw_1.jpg (185738 bytes)


V01747004_rhw_1.jpg (249327 bytes)


V02484006_rhw_1.jpg (132868 bytes)


Well, that's all I got done so far today and now I have other endeavors on my 'vacation' to get done. :)  July 9, 2003


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