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July 14, 2003

Again as per my new policy: First the images then the politics:

One more 'pretty picture'.

Visible daytime image and nighttime Infrared:

V01024003RDR_b3_n_I03814002RDR_R3G4B5_.jpg (272571 bytes)


The above clearly shows structural components under the Face, the D & M, the curved terrace south of the D & M and the Fort itself to name a few.   I have labeled these and shown below the framelet aligned 'missing' VIS image without labels, as is.

I recently and deservedly gave credit to the ASU team for finally fixing the framelet alignment 'issue' they have had with the presented 'released' THEMIS VIS data from the Odyssey spacecraft to the general public, and presumably the 'scientific community at large'.  We don't know if 'some' scientists had an 'inside track' on acquiring data that wasn't also in the 'public domain' before, or now after the recent July 1, 2003 data dump (which occur every 3 months).


However, I came across a curious anomaly among the data presented recently and posted on several BBSs my questions and observations.   The ONLY, repeat ONLY single individual VISIBLE -band image of the Cydonia area that included ALL, repeat ALL of BOTH of the most controversial, the most debated, the most interesting formations IN Cydonia, the Face and the DiPietro n Molenaar Pyramid in one single Field of View (FOV) image...was...somehow...missing...come July 1, 2003. 


That ONE single ALL inclusive VISUAL image was...gone.

And remains gone 6AM EST July 14, 2003

Here is what it looked like without framelet alignment ( I saved it so so long ago rotfl.gif (570 bytes) )


Fellow Cydonian Villager Holger Isenberg was kind enough to carry the curiosity factor a little further and researched a little further and found even more puzzling circumstances.  The VIS images both BEFORE




this one image was acquired was fine and dandy each.  Somehow the 'geometry data' was 'lost' only over Cydonia.


And 'they' say there are no 'conspiracies' within NASA/JPL/ASU/MSSS/PDS about Cydonia...rotfl.gif (570 bytes)

There are numerous instance from the infamous 'Catbox' to the mola muddled n middle butte attempts trying to 'squash this thing for good' with differing parallax attempts and other non-scientific inquiry.  

BRUTAL TRUTH Scientific Inquiry is something we would HOPE and THINK would be NASA's inclination and practice.  But when it comes to Cydonia...ALL their 'brains' seem to fall out of the tiny holes left in their minds and theories that it's ALL just a "pile of rock".  And 'The Powers That Be' should realize that and just 'give it up'.rotfl.gif (570 bytes)

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