Who's the Cartoonist of Cydonia?

updated 09/12/2003 at bottom


Again...first a few pictures...then some politics n more pictures.


First V01723004_b1.jpg

V01723004_b1.jpg (202423 bytes)






which is the visible light band 1 image of this feature between the D n M Pyramid and the Cydonia FACE.  It shows a close approximation what your eye would see looking at it. (without the 'True Color' component which I have addressed the politics of in many other places elsewhere on this site)   Basically it is a view of what is on TOP of the surface. Here's another visible view:


V01024003RDR_b3_bunny.gif (190695 bytes)


Now I03814002btr_asu_Rabbit_label.jpg


I03814002btr_asu_Rabbit_label.jpg (8318 bytes)




I03814002btr_asu_Rabbit.jpg (7415 bytes)


Quite an effect huh?  I of course saw this way back in July 2003 when doing the Cydonia IR QUBES of the FACE and other areas of the July THEMIS release.  I waited to see if anyone else would draw attention to it, but to my knowledge none had by the time I mentioned it and posted these two IRs above at the Yahoo Cydonia list pictures area.  This is a good example, in my honest opinion, of pareidolia, the process of seeing 'recognizable' things in random features.  Of course the Universe COULD have sculpted the Cartoon Bunny Rabbit onto the Plains of Cydonia, after all it/he/she created humans from mud and we're a pretty funny mad lot of beings.  The main point I want to show really is that the bunny rabbit features of this formation do NOT, imho, repeat do NOT really show themselves on the surface VIS image.  I really hadn't noticed there even COULD have been a bunny rabbit hiding under all that foo-foo dust until the July release.  I.E. I hadn't 'recognized' the rabbit in a fit of pareidolia before July 2003. 

Because the previous DAYTIME IR releases hadn't hinted at the further deep down foundations of rock that the NIGHTTIME IR July 2003 release showed.  Here is a processed image of the bunny rabbit from a daytime IR QUBE:


I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b3_ratio_r7g5b1_bunny.gif (13931 bytes)


By the way, since NASA/JPL/ASU won't provide a near 'True Color' image of Cydonia and therefore the Cydonia Bunny, here's my version 


V03814003_rhw_color_bunny.gif (45380 bytes)

Now, it's fangs have gotten me.  rotfl.gif (570 bytes)

I point out this feature to show how this latest nighttime IR released image does indeed 'see' through the foo-foo dust on Mars the SAME way that Infrared Imaging is used in Earth orbit to 'see' underground piping, tunnels, archeological buildings and other uses.  If one can discern, i.e. 'see' things not visible from a surface visible spectrum image which shows all the things ON the surface, then one is 'seeing' things UNDER the visible surface EFFECTING the visible surface with a different heat signature.  I.E. you can 'see' the pattern of things UNDER the surface by the EFFECT those things have ON the surface. 

Sheesh I feel like President Clinton defining what 'is' is.rotfl.gif (570 bytes)

So many critics have flapped their fingers over this point that this page is directed to THAT point really...not the Cydonia Bunny Rabbit.   I could not 'see' the bunny actually until I had the July 2003 nighttime IR which showed the effect of the deepest rock layer able to withhold heat the longest all through the Martian night until just before dawn when the July IR was taken.  It was not until this latest image that I was able to finally 'see' deep under the visible surface to the outlines of the Cydonia Bunny Rabbit.  Hence able to peer and SEE through all that foo-foo dust to an outline of features NOT visible on the surface but are UNDER the surface of Mars in downtown Cydonia.  There are a bunch of other things there in downtown Cydonia that are not effects of pareidolia and other pages of this site will show them to you. 

Stay awhile, browse around. There are a LOT of FULL-RES processed IR data images here for you to download and enjoy in a graphics program where you can zoom in and see some amazing details that lay ON and UNDER the Martian surface.  Try and find a like amount of PROCESSED IR data of the THEMIS data sets at NASA/JPL/ASU some night soon.  Maybe in the October 2003 release of BOTH the THEMIS and MOC data dumps we can get more of 5 band VIS an 10 band IR images of other parts of Cydonia that include the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid and perhaps finally, a full-on complete MOC image of the COMPLETE D n M Pyramid in all its artificial glory.


------update 09/09/2003-------

It has recently come to my attention that Mr. Keith Laney will not be posting more of his IR work concerning the recent nighttime July 2003 release of the Cydonia QUBE at night just before dawn.  I think I can understand why and it has pointed to an answer to a set of puzzling questions about the work I have been doing and the results I have been getting from this particular QUBE.  He says he doesn't trust it.  I think I am inclined to agree I don't trust it either.   There's something fishy about a QUBE who ratios produce such drastic differences using the same ratios between the daytime and nighttime IR version of the SAME area or terrain on Mars...of course...in Cydonia.  Once more I think we may have been fed a 'Catbox' of garbage that is corrupted is some manner.  While simple band combinations into single channel RGB images give similar, if less clean, results; the same combination ratios of bands that revealed so much in the daytime IR produce profoundly different results in the nighttime IR QUBE.  One would think that a ratio combination that 'sees' very well through the dust in the day would be even MORE sensitive to those same features and wavelengths at night.  This has NOT proved to be the case with this nighttime IR QUBE...and the question is...WHY?  I leave that to you to ask NASA/JPL/ASU they might provide some of their own, side by side comparisons of their own processed IR work from these two QUBES of the Cydonia area.  It seems odd and unlikely that the same ratios and combinations could have such drastically different effects as evidenced here.  Keith's right...I don't think I fully trust this yet either and have had a 'funny' feeling the first night doing these things and seeing that bunny rabbit above that was NOT evident to me before the July 2003 release.  Someone may be playing games with algorithms...and it isn't really funny.

Here are some side by side image comparisons.   Since the daytime IR was released first we'll put those on the left, on the right will be the same bands, same ratios, same area, only from the nighttime IR QUBE.

Here's the pictures, the Good, the Bad, n the Ugly:

I01723003RDR_r3g4b5_cydonia_crop.jpg        I03814002RDR_r3g4b5_cydonia_crop.jpg


I01723003RDR_r3g4b5_cydonia_crop.jpg (28905 bytes)          I03814002RDR_r3g4b5_cydonia_crop.jpg (44971 bytes)


I01723003RDR_R5-8_G4-7_B3-6_crop.jpg       I03814002RDR_ratios_r5-8g4-7b3-6_cydonia_crop.jpg

I01723003RDR_R5-8_G4-7_B3-6_crop.jpg (46437 bytes)         I03814002RDR_ratios_r5-8g4-7b3-6_cydonia_crop.jpg (64950 bytes)


I01723003RDR_ratios_r1-2g7-2b9-2_cydonia-crop.jpg       I03814002RDR_ratios_r1-2g7-2b9-2_cydonia_crop.jpg

I01723003RDR_ratios_r1-2g7-2b9-2_cydonia-crop.jpg (50071 bytes)             I03814002RDR_ratios_r1-2g7-2b9-2_cydonia_crop.jpg (64307 bytes)



------------update 09/12/2003------------


I was going through some old image files trying to find another image, preferrably a VIS image, of the soon-to-be infamous, 'Cydonia Hole in the Wall Hide Out' and found the following image of the Halloween Nighttime IR release.  All of us anomalists can pitch our tents inside this hollowed out 400 meter high hole with a giant totem there in the middle we can dance around in the two-moon and Earth light looking at that enigmatic FACE and the Cartoon Bunny off to the west.  I had been showing the nighttime IR stuff shortly after the July 2003 release but couldn't really do as many multispectrals of this nighttime IR as I have indicated above and elsewhere because the nighttime IR QUBE is....well...beyond "dirty"...whether its a 'natural' reason or from someone's fingerprints all over it we can, and most likely will, debate until the Martian Bunnies breed their final new brood. 

Point is though, once again...

THEMIS CAN 'SEE' through the foo-foo dust ! ! !

Here is the Halloween Release from NASA/JPL/ASU itself, first without and then WITH labels around the major features of Cydonia.

YOU tell me where the 'Hole in the Wall' REALLY shows a 'hole' in the daytime IR.   Why is this more than 4 pixel deep (400 meter) hole only visible in the nighttime IR?  Get back to me...I'll be inside the pillar in the middle of the 'Cydonia Hole in the Wall'...psst...btw...to get in...the password is:

That's REALLY a FACE west o'here!!! rotfl.gif (570 bytes)


20021031A.gif (414864 bytes)


20021031A_labeled.gif (185293 bytes)


See ya at the Cydonia Hole in the Wall Watering Hole...

'...Down in the mud, the blood, the spit and the beer...'

we'll tip one back to Johnny Cash who died today.


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