Who's Doing the Qubes?

Jan 6, 2003

Well I am for one.  The January 2003 THEMIS data dump happened on January 6, 2003 and I immediately started downloading the Cydonia data that was labeled as such.  There are other qubes within that general quadrant I consider 'Cydonia' that I will eventually get to and bring here some of them.  I unfortunately did NOT find THEMIS qub image which happened to acquire the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid.  Too bad.  They got east of the FACE, but little to the west of it more than before.  I had hoped otherwise.  There may be some in there and I will keep looking, but as of tonight, I didn't find the 'Smoker'.


On this page I will start putting my IR qube work whose patient teaching from the ELVIS of imaging has allowed me to do as well as I have, even though others may be better.  I am slowly and forever moving forward and learning, and always willing to learn more.


This page will update as time permits and work gets done.  FYI it takes me 3 hours minimum to 'do a qube'.  This time does NOT include downloading the qube from ASU PDS and then searching to find an interesting piece of terrain to actually work on.  So as of tonight I have only done one qube so far.   I will add others and thumbnails as the work moves forward.

btw...those also looking at this dump should note the errata text file on the THEMIS ASU PDS site and also note that NASAView 2.6.2 will NOT open the IMQ BTR and IMQ ABR files.  It also will NOT properly show the RDR qubes, if one can get them open.

As usual, my methods remain in the mud, the blood, the spit and the beer.



update: 1-7-03 a couple crops from the FACE area and then the previous full qubes processed on 1-6.  I must state here ONCE MORE as I did in Who can see through Foo-Foo Dust?, that THEMIS has the capability as shown there and again here for 'seeing' THROUGH the upper layers of the surface and to map the hidden structures underneath the surface which can absorb and retain the daytime heat longer and better than drifting dunes.  This is standard methodology done with IR mapping here on Earth and is also the same methodology used for Martian images using the same IR technology.


For a visible image of this area from THEMIS see:



Now the crops and the data:


I01723003ratios_r8-9_g3-5_b1-4_img3_filtered_facearea.jpg (107170 bytes)           I01723003ratios_r8-9_g3-5_b1-4_img2_merge_filtered_facearea.jpg (99474 bytes)



               I00817002EDR_ratiosb9-1_b4_r3g6b9_filtered_sm.jpg (29462 bytes)          I00817002EDR_ratiosb9-1_b6_r5g3b1_filtered_sm.jpg (31701 bytes)          I00817002EDR_ratiosb9-1_b7_r5g3b1_filtered_sm.jpg (31585 bytes)         

I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r4g8b7_filtered_sm.jpg (40866 bytes)          I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r8g7b4_filtered_sm.jpg (42395 bytes)          I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r9g8b4_filtered_sm.jpg (39203 bytes)


I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r9g8b7_filtered_sm.jpg (38033 bytes)          I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b6_r5g3b1_filtered_sm.jpg (44237 bytes)         




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