What's up with NASA, Mars n the Media?

(The Who, What, When, Where, Why n How of our future in space.)

August 08, 2003

Well not much in the mainstream media from NASA is making any evening news splashes despite all the back-tracking NASA seems to be doing on the Mars' water issue, and liquid water at the surface at that.  Seems to me some crow diners should have been served and eaten in the public view by now.  It should have been even larger than one of George Bush's Barbecues of bashful cashful carousing gatherings.   It is becoming ever more 'evident' to 'mainstream' scientists, science teachers, and just as importantly, science editors and journalists that Mars has what Cydonian Villagers and Marsophiles across planet Earth have been screaming for more than 25 years.  There's LIQUID WATER, LIFE and ANCIENT RUINS on the surface of Mars. Period. Bingo. They're there.   Breathe-in, breathe-out. Get over it already.  I need not go through whatever ancient archives the hagiographers of the dying 'kingdom of mainstream Mars' where the place was a dead, cold, dry, desert dusty dune of a place of blowing desolation in ultra thin dry deadly atmosphere, to find the exact words those paupered touts of wisdom gone wrong that  remain to be read, heard or even seen speak on digital or tape archives, to find exactly WHO espoused such 'hard-fast-facts' as their tenets of reality.    They know who they are and they know now they were wrong, yet, they have yet to come all the way into accepting 'we' were right, completely and utterly.  As devastatingly wrong as they were, we were just as brutally truthful that there IS LIQUID WATER, LIFE and ANCIENT RUINS on the surface of Mars.   There should be an old fashioned barbecue with CROW being served.

Those 'old mainstreamers'?  They are the enemy blocking humanity's progress into space. 



What's wrong with the commercial race to space in the 'Great X-Prize' is that the game is rigged and fixed.  The Department of Defense has since the end of WW2 taken control of the skies and the space above it.  You can't even begin proposing to go out there without their approval.   While some traffic control needs to be maintained, it is time to let the anti-gravity genie out of the bottle.  Project Prometheus has the promise to do this, but its current timetable must be accelerated.   What would help is release of ALL classified documents relating to Roswell and other ET craft crashes where debris and remains have been recovered by the military.   More than 500 Governmental people of the caliber we see on talking TV-war commentary have come forward with testimony on this brutal truth, we were never alone in the Universe.  What is wrong with humanity's current approach to space exploration is that our perception is based on a foundation of lies, upon lies, upon lies undertaken because of misconceptions of 'mainstream' thinkers.  And we have all seen how 'right' mainstream Martian thinkers were haven't we?  It's time to take the giggle factor out of the discussion of extraterrestrial intelligence.  It IS the only intelligent move left.


When should this happen?, of course, yesterday.  But it didn't and hasn't and remains a goal yet to be achieved.  Only through education and engagement can humanity's future be shaped.  And in America the science and math grades are dropping for our young across the board at an alarming rate.  Where-in lies our future?   How can we engage in progress when we only teach the youth regression and stagnation of 'mainstream only' thought?  As a college educator fired for filing a FOIA to end the 'secrecy' of the mainstream in keeping information from the public, I can faithfully say that the WHEN of ending the giggle factor of extraterrestrial intelligence discussion is long long past gone.  The policy has become destructive of our future foundations in the education of the next generation to come.  The Chinese will soon send Taikonauts to space and have their own station within three years and probably be on the Moon by 5 years from the night I write this.  Never underestimate another people's will to succeed and pull together.  Some thought America wouldn't fight, they were wrong.  Some think the Chinese won't get very far very fast in space, they're wrong.  Do I underestimate America's 'will' to engage in space once more?   Absolutely not, but I do think it WILL take the Chinese going out there to finally open the frontier for everyone.  For in the end, sadly, I trust they, the Japanese and Europeans will tell us more about what is REALLY out there than our own American NASA has.  It is the HOW America responds part I find difficult and worrisome.  It holds such promise, and such failure for our species if we react wrongly.   We must immediately shed the blind of lies that our species is NOT alone in the Universe or even the Solar System.  We are all Earthlings and should begin exploration and engagement as such.


Where should this exploration and engagement happen?  Mars of course.   August 27, 2003 will put Mars and Earth within their closest proximity in time and space with each other for 60,000 years.  There is a small fleet of international probes heading for Mars arrival beginning this December.  There are already two American orbiters in 'near' perfect health, supposedly churning forth vast amounts of data about Mars that American TAX dollars have been spent, and continues to be spent, acquiring and 'releasing' SOME of this data.  I think there has been 'issues' with releases because of the nature of what Mars REALLY is.  It wasn't what the mainstream folks thought it was all these years.  And soon the Japanese and Europeans will REALLY see for themselves that this is brutally true too.  Co-operative engagement could come from full disclosure of ALL spacecraft data from ALL spacecraft as well as ALL derived products from that raw data.  This 'deal' NASA has to 'privatize' images of outer space taken with TAX PAYER dollars is illegal, unconstitutional, and just plain wrong.   If Dr. Mikey's business wants to OWN it's images of Mars, then let MSSS fund it's OWN spacecraft there.  The MOC images acquired with that public MGS spacecraft belong to US, not him.  Mars should be FULLY explored OPENLY, FREELY and with even a SMIDGEN of a resemblance of DEMOCRACY in ACTION!!!  It's been nearly 6 years on-orbit and the second most controversial feature of the planet, the DiPietro n Molenaar Pyramid has YET, repeat REPEAT, YET, to have been actually targeted with an ENTIRE 'hit' on the DnM Pyramid, dead-on center, from the tippy-top of its platform to the tail-end of its artificially buttressed-backside in a single MOC image. 


Is this an 'extraordinary investigation of an extraordinary claim'?

Is this 'democratic' exploration and engagement?

Is THIS the kind of democracy American troops are dying to establish in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc?

No wonder the Japanese and Europeans sent their own spacecraft to Mars.  No wonder the Chinese are heading out there on their own to learn the BRUTAL TRUTH we aren't alone in the Universe or even the Solar System.  Because NASA certainly thinks the Americans aren't ready to hear it.  It's the same old 'mainstream' BROOKINGS' report mentality.  Mainstream...going over the falls, tail over teakettle, taking the American dream and youth and future with it. 

Where's the Cydonia DnM Artificial Pyramid Dr. Mickey? 

You need another $85 American Buck-a-roos like you needed for the FACE to get it right?


Why?  Why all the secrecy?  Why are we where we are and not where we should be, already on Mars as planned for long long ago?  Why isn't there even so much as a TRUE EYE COLOR image of Mars?   Really good question.  There are probably as many answers as there are people on the planet who care enough to even ask the question.  Why?  I suppose all those involved 'believed' they were doing the right thing at the time; we all do, human nature to play down our mistakes and boost our successes.  Monday morning quarterbacking is always good around the coffee machine, but I'll tell ya folks, it matters squat when it comes time to 'pay the bookie'.  There's a price to be paid for all human actions and inactions and we're still paying for the mistakes made in the past.   Why is the giggle factor still used when discussing extraterrestrial intelligences in mainstream media?  Why is it so hard, even now, for many mainstream people to accept the wet liquid Mars that the data from our instruments show us?  Why is it so hard to show the TRUE eye color of Mars from the instruments to us?  Why is it so hard to make a leap to understand humanity may not even have been the first intelligence to evolve in this solar system?  Is our hubris and ego so inflated as to be bigger than the Universe itself?  Why is it so difficult to move forward in peace?   Because our reality is based on a 'mainstream' foundation of lies.  In mainstream 1200's  these same folks would still be espousing all the below as being true that humanity is:

1. All alone

2. On a flat Earth

3. At the center of the Universe

4. As it revolves around us

5. Riding on the back of a giant turtle

You and I know these 'law of fives' to be totally untrue, but the mainstream use the same arguments and tactics the religious leaders of that time made, hence they force their foundation of lies upon us.  Why aren't we back on the Moon?  Why aren't we established with a large number of people in space habitats?  Why aren't humans on Mars?  Because 'mainstream' still holds that rule number one above is still true.   If you believe rule 1, you might as well believe rule 5 because you're just as wrong as mainstream.  That's WHY we are all still stuck on the back of that giant turtle called planet Earth.


How can we move forward in peace?  How can we engage and educate our youth?  How can we move past the lies and crack the crumbling foundations of a moldy mainstream holding us back from exploring the richness humanity can achieve in co-operative exploration of the solar system?  I've answered that before in explaining how to achieve Cheap Access To Space ( CATS ).  It must happen in brutal truthfulness.  We cannot hope to reach the stars from a foundation of lies.  That is ego and hubris at its most dangerous.   And these seem to be the most perilous and dangerous of times.  When weapons of mass destruction can be smuggled in a suitcase or flown from the skies; TRUTH will win the day, not a fake democracy of elitist 'mainstream' lies.  HOW we build a hopeful and bright future for our youth to care for us in our old age can only be built to last on a foundation of brutal truths.  Lies always crumble and fall in the end.   Always.  Ask any President.

Mars is wet.  Mainstream was wrong.  The lie laid bare.


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