Who's 'blockies' are they anyway?

Update with Animation at bottom 7-24-03

rotfl.gif (570 bytes)    lol   they're still there!   New Images 03-21-03:

These images are from the RDR QUBES.

Special THANX to Holger Isenberg who did what NASA could NOT do...

get the RDR's to open in a Windows OS platform.  THANX Holger !!!

It takes a Cydonian Village to properly explore Mars to its fullest.

I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b3_ratio_r7g5b1_Facecrop.gif (148011 bytes)


I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b4_ratio_r9g8b7_Facecrop.gif (146927 bytes)


I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b6_ratio_r4g3b1_Facecrop.gif (151455 bytes)


I01723003RDR_b9-1avg_b8_ratio_r4g3b1_Facecrop.gif (149291 bytes)


I01723003RDR_ratio_r3-9_g3-8_b3-7_Facecrop.gif (146485 bytes)


and special THANX to 'you know who' ...lol.... rotfl.gif (570 bytes)    ELVIS ROCKS!!!


P.S. What's 'blockies' anyway?

Explanation link 1  link 2 

From the KING: Link 1  Link 2

UPDATE 07-24-2003

new Still image then Labeled Animation:

I01723003RDR_R5-8_G4-7_B3-6_crop.jpg (46437 bytes)


DAYIRQube_RatioRGB_Cydonia.gif (193416 bytes)





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