What should the MER Spirit Rover look at?


Update:January 26, 2004 at bottom

January 20, 2004

First I must congratulate the entire M2K4 Mars Exploration Rover team from NASA headquarters, to JPL, to Cornell University and all the people across the country that worked, and are continuing to work to make the MER program the success it is so far. Spirit has landed on Mars safely and onto the actual surface. It is sending back some amazing images and data that is being made public, mostly. There are data sets that haven't been updated for nearly 2 weeks using the NASA touted Maestro program, but supposedly all the raw images acquired by all cameras are html updated within a few days. There is no FTP site to download images in bulk, other than the Maestro data packs, which as I mentioned is 2 weeks behind updates from the first data pack of the higher resolution tiffs. The Spirit html raw images releases are in jpeg format.

I sincerely hope Opportunity makes it to Mars' surface as well as Spirit has and we are given another rover to go exploring across the surface of Mars. I would like to suggest that along the lines of the recent Public MGS MOC targeting program that NASA begin a public access of at least of the rover's targeting selection process for even a limited time of one month for one rover given over to public input of targeting. I think this would be a great addition to the outreach portion of NASA's mission and help engage the public in the process itself along with greater distribution and use and educational training in using such software as Maestro.

Before heading off into the hills and round that bend forever I have circled and numbered interesting objects and areas I think should be at least photographically be examined closer and in all filters, including spectrometers.

Below is a low-res JPG of the first color panorama which I have used. 

The NASA version is here:




PIA05049_rhw.jpg (2824960 bytes)



Update January 24, 2004

Below are direct links to high-res Tiffs taken from the Maestro Program which is a scaled down version of the software the people in JPL and Cornell are using for BOTH rovers.  Register and join and enjoy.   Participate and engage the scientists into actually LOOKING real HARD and REAL long at the many anomalous items that are scattered all over the ground around Columbia Memorial Station.  It DESERVES a close look and preservation for ALL of us but especially, in memory of them.

Right click and choose save as to download these images for viewing in a graphics program.  There are many anomalous and interesting objects around Columbia Memorial Station.  They deserve a dedicated look.

2p127174316ffl0211p2345l2m1_rhw1.gif (15869 bytes)
















Update January 26, 2004

A 1st look at Opportunity's Landing Site:






PIA05149_rhw.gif (257310 bytes)


The sun is from the upper right with shadows following downward left.  My "out on the limb" prediction, my own following the White Rabit Matrixed 'Rabbit Hole' thoughts are that the area circled in the number 1 ( ONE ) circle in the above image shows a pool of liquid water.  Let's hope NASA/JPL has the OPPORTUNITY and also the SPIRIT to publicly prove me wrong. 


Color close-up:


PIA05152_rhw_crop1.jpg (332495 bytes)


More to come as Time n Heaven allows.


Also if Spirit ever gets fully working again.

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