2005 and the Universe continues to spin.

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On February 5th 2005 Eastern Coast USA time from 11 PM to 3 AM the 6th the Mars Revealer will be back on the airwaves of WMEL on the 'Space Coast' of Florida.  We've waited a long time and look forward to him having Richard C. Hoagland as at least one of his guests that night.  One wonders if he's heard from his 'Deep Space' contact within the Bush Administration, or even if 'Deep Space' is STILL within the Administration given all the musical chairs with the 2nd term.   We also wonder what the President Bush will say about his Mars Exploration Vision in his State of the Union Message on Wednesday February 2, 2005.  We support Richard and Gary and others in their efforts and wish them success because THEIR success is our success.  We all want more brutal truth about our space exploration efforts more publicized and we want that effort to move forward more quickly than has been in the past.   I hope Vern at WMEL realizes what a fantastic show gets put forth when Gary gets going and that the internet broadcast WMEL is supporting will help to eventually bring tourist dollars to his community by inspiring us out here to visit the places where our nation's space program leaves the ground and touches beyond the sky reaching for the infinite above us.


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April 22-24, 2005 will bring about the 2nd X-Conference in Washington DC to discuss the Exopolitical and Geopolitical implications of Extraterrestrials visiting Earth for millennia.  I will unfortunately most likely not be able to make this year's gathering even though I have a set of free round trip air tickets to get there and back, I lack the funds to actually STAY there the weekend and get about the area and eat.  This is the first time I will actually ask for financial aid in doing something related to this passion I have of getting humanity's collective butts off planet Earth forever; but ask it I must and if you have PayPal you may be able to help. 

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Thank you so very much !

More as time, health, work and the Universe permits.

January 31, 2005 2:45 AM