How can I get the Orbital Cydonia Zoom?


Barney, who goes by DJBarney at the HiddenMission forum has produced an amazing and wondrous piece of work.  It looks at Mars from Orbit starting with a Hubble image and then using better and better resolution images from Odyssey's THEMIS camera and then the high-res 1.5 m/p resolution of the Mars Global Surveyor MOC camera; brings the viewer from above Mars to about a mile or so directly above the Cydonia Mensae Face in such a smooth transition that would think you were on wings floating down into those eyes crying into the indifferent stars above Mars.


There is one light above Cydonia occasionally where intelligent life exists that is NOT indifferent to its existence.  Those of us here on Earth can view this extraordinary work by right-clicking on the link below and choose save target as: and put into a folder you can find and easily keep from deleting.   Because I give you my word that you will want to keep this 1 min 53 second mpg movie forever.  It is a beautifully done piece of image processing.  Thanx to Barney and the thousands of folks who made the missions possible to acquire the raw material Barney used to make this movie.


It is truly awesome.  Save link as...then open separately OUTSIDE a web browser for proper viewing.  The come to The HiddenMission join and let us know what you think.   Membership is free and open mind thinking is not only allowed but encouraged.

Right click on this Link and save as:

The DJBarney Cydonia Zoom

II hope you enjoy the movie and come and talk to us about it.


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