Where is the "Mushroom Encampment"?


In the summer of 1999 I was going through some the old releases the were part of a 10 CD set where the last image released in the set was acquired 18 months before that 1st day of summer in 1999.

More on that summer releases can be found here:

Mars 1999 Summer News

Now that it is several years later and the MGS MOC is no longer in operation due to a software error that exposed it's batteries to the sun and basically fried them.  So now we have the ESA Mars Express,  Mars Odyssey, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter working in orbit, in addition to Spirit and Opportunity rovers on the surface...at this moment, August 14, 2007.


But this page is to repost the 1st images I found from that 10 CD release back on that 1st day of summer in 1999 and also I have searched the PDS archives by longitude and latitude a couple of degrees from the center of the image from the original image where I found the weird and  enticing "Mushroom Encampment" as I named and called it.


I found 36 images I think and proceeded to download them all.  I have NOT done anything to these images other than open them in NASAView, do the requisite image stretch, the scan lines from the imager are still visible, but so are many interesting features.  The first three images are from 1999, the others I have cropped from the images found in the PDS archive.  The image number is part of the file name, one can simply google the image number and find the PDS or MSSS page with the image and its' ancillary data.  

I hope you find looking at these weird and fascinating Martian landforms fun as I and so many others do.  It is why we humans are trying hard to get there, but taking too loooong of a time to do it, imho.




















Well that's it for now.  I have more images to go through...I've looked carefully at only about half the 36 from around the "Mushroom Encampment" original image.  I will update the page when more are cropped and inserted here.



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