How is the Phoenix site leaking LIQUID water and NASA not knowing it?



They don't WANT to KNOW about the LIQUID WATER in the "upper-cubbard"...:

"The science team had considered two finalist sites as sources for the
next sample to be delivered to the wet chemistry lab. This past weekend,
Stone Soup won out. "We had a shootout between Stone Soup and white
stuff in a trench called 'Upper Cupboard,'" Hecht said. "If we had been
able to confirm that the white material was a salt-rich deposit, we
would have analyzed that, but we were unable to confirm that with
various methods."

The Phoenix Lander launched August 4th, 2007 and landed successfully on Mars near it's North Pole on May 25th, 2008.  Since then it's been taking images and samples into it's experimental suite of instruments in the NASA "mantra" of "follow the water" in it's Mars exploration on each Mars mission.

So one might wonder, why Phoenix would NOT sample what could be CLEARLY seen as "puddles" forming in the trench dug by the robot arm named "cupboard"?

See images below by Woodlock and a Great Big Thank You for the talent, work and generosity in sharing these images along with the dedication to following the mission so closely and holding NASA's feet to the fire of BRUTAL TRUTH.


Below are the four images Woodlock did as is...see if you can tell the difference over time.  After that will come the SAME four images only I ONLY annotated them by drawing a blue circle around LIQUID WATER as is "seeped" into the hole and then froze.

SOL 86                                                                                             SOL 87 AM



SOL 87 PM                                                                                SOL 88 leaky




Now if you hadn't noticed the increasing "white stuff" here's the same images with circled areas.  Where did this "ice" come from if it wasn't there on SOL 86 ???  Did LIQUID WATER seep up from the ground with the warmth of the sun at the surface level?


SOL 86  no water no ice                                                                SOL 87 AM just a little bit starting




SOL 87 PM NOW there's MORE of it !                                        SOL 88 WOW !! Now there is a LOT of "it" !!!





Now can you see why NASA/JPL/Phoenix did NOT want to "sample" this stuff ???


ALL against common "mainstream" thinking about Mars and what NASA has been saying for all these years.

As the saying goes..."Who you going to believe, NASA or my lying eyes"?




From Woodlock to provide route to raw data:

Agreed Bob any question just ask

Some Phoenix links: JPL (mother) no data.

NASA(father) The archive here takes awhile to get the new data posted, weeks, hard to navigate.

Arizona(boy) The archive here gets new data the soonest, one till thee days. hard to download data and find photo numbers.

Texas A&M (citizen) The archive is very good. SSI (Surface Stereo Imager) data only.

The Planetary Society(citizen) The archive here is very good. ARC (Robotic Arm Camera) data only.

Photo data I used can be found at:    Cupboard (half wide frame)     Color of Cupboard, Pre-Scrape & Cupboard (half wide frame)     Pre-Dig (Stone Soup)















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