How did the MGS die?

by Robert H Williams February 27, 2008

The Mars Global Surveyor was the first spacecraft the beat the "Martian Ghoul" and had gotten back to Mars successfully after the 1976 Viking Orbiters and Landers.  Previous attempts to get to Mars went astray and succumbed to the "Ghoul".   In all about 2/3 of all attempts at studying Mars have ended in failure counting all attempts by all nations.

It was hoped that this MGS craft would put and end to the "Cydonia Face" controversy.  Instead it only has deepened the divide between "NASA sponsored science" and "Independent Researchers".   Since 1976 NASA, and NASA "affiliated scientists" have insisted to the "it's just a pile of rocks" theory.  Though they have NEVER done any spectrographically studies of ANY portion of Cydonia, much less the Face or the D & M Pyramid which are just two of the many anomalous and valid artificial objects worthy of archeological study.  Yet NASA, and "mainstream science" itself treats ANYTHING Cydonia as one "hot potato" they won't even open to scientific discussion.  Although a few research papers have been published by the Society for Planetary SETI, most science 'journals' reject papers about this subject without even reading them.  Some of these published works can be found here by clicking on left panel for published works:

There were many discussions going on in late 1997 into the spring of 1998 whether or not Dr. Mail of Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) would even TARGET the Cydonia area and specifically the HEAD/FACE from the 1976 Viking images.  In the end MSSS was forced by public pressure against NASA to order Dr. Malin to not only acquire images of Cydonia, but to publicly announce imaging opportunities in advance.

But they did not do this as outlined by an older page I produced before having a REAL website:

When the first image of the Cydonia Face finally came in...the "Cydonia Controversy" only got more deeply heated and positions became entrenched where they remain today.

MSSS was the first time NASA had given a private contractor exclusive rights to a 6 month "proprietary period" in ALL of NASA history.  All other missions images and data were available as soon as NASA had them on the ground as happened in 1996 with the Pathfinder landing.

And it seems that NASA/JPL/MSSS from the get-go about Cydonia began what can only be called as 'nefarious' conduct with the data and press releases about that data...starting with the "CATBOX".  It continued with other "Proclamations by Press releases" instead of any hard "science" and has been shown time after time to be nothing more than NASA/JPL/MSSS trying to "squash this thing for good" by trying to make false or misleading statements into "science fact" with these press releases.  They have been debunked EVERY time from one of NASA's own engineer:

From a current NASA engineer:

Lan Fleming

In addition, in preparation for the MER landings NASA counted on the work of an "Mars Independent Researcher" to process the data from the MGS MOCs since his image processing skills produced BETTER and HIGHER quality data than MSSS did.

MER landing sites Keith Laney's work

And so here we are more than a decade after the MGS went into orbit, it had it's OWN Thermal IR data, albeit not as good as THEMIS IR 100 m/p footprint...BUT...what remains is a BRUTAL TRUTH FACT about NASA/JPL/ASU/AU/MSSS and even ESA :

There has been the Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter yet with 4 operating spacecraft beating the long odds of the "Martian Ghoul" not ONE of the has done the following as of this date February 1, 2008...


Repeat for emphasis since this is over a DECADE now.

When we once were able to go to the MOON and we can't get a simple mineral map. :nonono:





This is simply not only is downright DISHONEST "SCIENCE"...PERIOD.


And now...The Mars Global Surveyor is gone...leaving only 3 operating spacecraft around Mars.

This is the "official" story of what happened and came out after loosing contact with the spacecraft:

Besides all the negative details I have outlined above there are many good thing we can HONESTLY say that the MGS and MOC and the MSSS team did that were truly "historic" in changing what "mainstream science" once held as "Stead-Fast and Holy" that has blown their "Mars World View" right "out of the water"...

From the above link and is the number one point THEY use is:

"Before-and-after images revealing bright new deposits in two gullies on Mars suggest liquid water has carried sediment down them in the past 7 years. These pictures from the spacecraft's camera are the strongest evidence to date that water still flows occasionally on the surface of Mars, in brief episodes. " ALL of those who say there is NO LIQUID WATER ON MARS...

Dr. Malin, his team at MSSS along with NASA/JPL say YOU are wrong !!!

Another of the good things that the MGS MOC and it's team did was return, according to the MOC-cum-index which is 'supposed' to list ALL MOC acquisitions, an actual number of 241,478 images including both Wide Angle and Narrow Angle images combined.

There were a total of 95,802 Narrow Angle images acquired by the MGS MOC.

In the first 'data dump' I made an "Artistic Gallery" of MGS MOC NA images that I thought had either "Artistic or Artificial Aspects"

There were a total of three in beginning and they can be found here:

In keeping with the love I had of Black and White Photography I felt it only fitting that I prepare some "Artistic/Artificial" galleries after the final data dump for the last time since the spacecraft is now lost and no more data will ever be sent from it back to Earth.

There are several albums I will be making over time as I move forward with the project.  I went through the ENTIRE final MGS MOC FTP dump image by image and decided which ones looked 'interesting' to me of either type listed above.  Unfortunately at that time the image#.imq.jpg data was NOT I downloaded the IMQ raw data files and set a few aside as I went through them to "process to Level 1" first.  I then later  became aware that the imq.jpgs processed by MSSS (presumably) had become available on their "Browse HTML" website located here:

Unfortunately for me, there was no FTP site nor no FTP way to acquire all these MSSS processed jpegs.  I did find the latest jpegs for download through ftp at this ftp site by following this link:

Where the jpegs available were up to s0401074.imq.jpg while the LAST actual file taken via cum-index and the html pages I linked above was s2300831.imq.jpg.  So there are 5,592 imqs that I will have to be processing myself or tracking down the html pages and download the imq.jpg files for those particular images that I found worthy of further looking for this LAST data dump, which like the first major dump was behind schedule and required then First Lady Hillary Clinton to intervene and get the dumps going.

I will present the data from the images I put aside to process first.  In the naming of ALL image files, the image number is first, my initials next, then crop #, and IF I did the actual Level 1 processing myself there will be a L1 in the file name as the last thing before .jpg.  If there is NO L1 in the file name then that means I tracked down the MSSS processed imq.jpg and used THAT image to crop from.  So in ALL the albums that will come from the final dump, they will be MSSS processed imq.jpgs UNLESS the file name has an L1 for Level 1 processing by me...all other images were processed by MSSS..and from the ftp site...presumably for JPL and the PDS.  After looking at the processing I can understand now why the MER folks chose Keith Laney's processed MOCs over MSSS's as I mentioned above.

In all albums there will be a link that will take you from any icon page back to the Main Common Sense Central home page likely in upper left corner.

This first Gallery is the 4th Gallery I've done of MOC images.  These were from the LAST imq.jpegs made and processesed by NASA/JPL/MSS.  I have set the album to show 33 thumbnails per the thumbnails may not "fairly" show what the image will look like when clicked on and the image itself opens in a new window for you to view at full size and then also save to your local HD if you wish.  Some have "head/names" which are examples of what I perceive as Brutal True "tricks of light and shadow" which are NOTHING like the Ares Face in Cydonia which is clearly a 3D Artificial Monument. 

MOC Artistic or Artificial Album Set 4 has 533 images when imported.  Link for Set 4


MOC Artistic or Artificial Album Set 5 will be a continuing work in progress as I have downloaded a total of 5,588 gif images from NASAView when going through the last MOC data dump forever.  I will add image sets as I get them done.  This set has some older images from my 1999 "Mushroom Encampment" found and as I searched the area for more images, along with other interesting area...including line between polar cap and spider beginnings, seeps that are no doubt water leaking onto the surface and other more interesting things besides just a "pretty picture in b/w" I went for things that were of interest to others.  I will always keep other's interests in mind when doing the rest of the MOC set 5...but again I am also doing this because the MOC was the BEST resolution camera we had for nearly a decade around Mars...and even though it showed the surface in high detail in black and white....Mars is such a BEAUTIFUL place as the color MRO HiRise is showing us....It is my personal belief that the contribution, despite everything else, made by the MSSS and MOC team to give us STUNNING images from a place where no Earthly eyes had tread before with such clarity and appreciation for the beauty of the this "World of War"...MARS deserves to be appreciated in Black and White images that are as genuinely works of art as someone with a black and white camera taking images of Earthly people, places and things.

MOC Artistic or Artificial Album Set 5   Link for Final Set 5

I wish to thank everyone for visiting....please be sure to check back at least monthly for Set 5 updates.


Final thought...How did the MGS die? 

With the honor of giving Earth a service for which we should, and shall, forever treasure.



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