How long does it take to do 3D rendering?

Well sometimes it can take a MIGHTY long time depending on the scene you are trying to render, the program name you are using for the work and of course your computer and it's hardware specifications among many other factors such as light, motion, reflections, transparency of objects and hundreds of other factors come into play.  And that is why I originally started with 3D stuff play.  I had played the usual first person shooter games like Doom, Quake and others and wanted to be able to create 3D worlds like those and then fly or walk or do anything I wanted to do in them...they would be MY worlds.

I still collect individual single frame renders of 3D worlds that many folks do and put out there on the internet...always will...they are beautiful pieces of artwork.  Also I am just a crazy nut who loves pictures...they are stapled to all my walls and ceilings in my REAL little world here at home where my computers are.  But I've always wanted to do MORE than just single images...I wanted to make "movies". 

At the time all I started with was actually on an 8088 XT machine with a 40 MB hard drive and 4 floppy disks, two 5 1/4 inch and two 3 1/2 drives.  The MS DOS program I used and found was called VP4 was an easy to use and nifty program that could render fast or slow depending on how fast you wanted to move through your world, or how hi-res you wanted to make and also of course how big the world would was a great little piece of software and as far as I am concerned it still is.  Trouble is...I tried Googling VP4 in various modes like VP4 software, VP4 3D software, VP4 Terrain software, etc but couldn't find a link to the little feller.   Maybe I have the last version?

But even while VP4 is pretty darn good and easy, one cannot ADD extra things from outside INTO the terrain that is generated...thus it has its limits in usefulness to be generally handy to do real work with people like Poser does or creating models like Bryce can do.  However with Bryce I created a scene and used all the nifty things like reflectivity, transparency, specular, ambient, diffuse and other options for "quality" for the 8 Holy Geometry Shapes I wanted to move around and fly through a head laid on the plain similar to the effect of these objects flying through the Ares Face in Cydonia on Mars.  This render after running for 3 days finally displayed the remaining 'calculated rendering time' at about a little over FOUR (4) MONTHS !!!  Needles to say I stopped the render.  I had done an earlier version that took maybe ten days to render but I was dissatisfied with how the objects behaved...and in general thought it could have looked also is below.  There is another render I did with Bryce 2 with less quality but still took 3 weeks to render on a vastly much better machine at Clinton Community College than the 386 Win 98 machine I had at time and is located below with all other work from me and others I've collected and are "gems" that should be preserved and passed from generation to generation.


Baby Bob 1 a RAM file 374 KB

Baby Bob 2 a RAM file  540 KB

Baby Bob 3 a RAM file  8,373 KB


Ali McBeal Baby ChaCha avi  1,945 KB

Ali McBeal Baby OogaCha avi  1,521 KB

Ali McBeal Baby Macarena avi  1,366 KB

Ali McBeal Baby SUMO avi  2.240 KB

Ali McBeal Baby Drunk avi  616 KB

Ali McBeal Baby Dies avi  1,079 KB


I guess the question and reality is that if you 'stray' even once from the pre-scripted Dept of Homeland Security version of being a model good citizen...even fictional characters can be gotten to and dealt with in a final and decisive way. 

Is this the future of "free speech" ?

I hope not and after my Dad's death my movies will become more "political" and entice people to critically think for themselves in this REAL world.  This is a skill that will be needed faster than people realize with the advent of nano-technology and bio-implants where the world of the Babylon 5 Virtual Reality Zocolo will be here and make it even more easily to manipulate the population by the wealthy for their further aims to have a  population willing to work harder for less and to go along and not question their governing of our very REAL lives. 

It is time to realize the brutal truth...swallow the red pill and awaken and grow and flower.  We are in dire times coming upon a crucible that will effect all of our Solar System and we Earthlings within it.  Our ability to get along better together is and always has been crucial for our long-term survival as a species and as a civilization.

When you hear politicians, insurance, judicial, religious, pharmaceutical, oil, governmental bureaucrats or the daily news speak of things that sound too good to be true, or in your experience and gut tell you they are lies...we MUST take action as little as it may be to write, call, visit or do something to call attention to the brutal truth of the situation and spread that among all those you know.  It may take an avalanche of public opinion to make a difference and if so remember that there must be an accumulation of complaints so that one last snowflake can cause the entire mountain to slid out from under their lying feet.

I am here to grab the cracks of the lies and to shake the foundation of the wrong path we've been led down.  It is time for a change of direction before we are led blindly off the cliff into utter destruction once more.  There is ample evidence this real story of our lives, our building and losing civilizations has been a recurring theme in Earthling history...we have a chance to change the pattern of the past and break the cycle of destruction at the peak of our existence...listen for the lies and shout the brutal truths...each and every time...again and again...snowflake upon snowflake until the lies crumble away and the brutal truths revealed.

Future rendered movies will hopefully carry seeds and a snowflake or two in their viewing as some here do.  For now to date I have the following:

Here is the render I did at CCC which took 3 weeks to do:

Pyramid_face_terrain_xmas_2000_run2.avi   54,155 KB


This render uses the 8 Holy Geometries of Platonic solids as representations of 3D and 4D space.  They are the Sphere, Tetrahedron, Pyramid, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedrons, St. Tetrahedron.  All represented and move around and down through the representation for the Ares Face laying there in Cydonia as real as anyone's nose.

new-may-17-2008-8 shapes-w-FACE.avi   607,791 KB

may-18-2008-8 shapes-w-lion-done-rhw.avi    1.2 MB

may-22-2008-8-holy-shapes-faces-wk-done-des-25th.avi  668,772 KB


That is it for what I done to date with Cydonia that work.  Next comes the MRO HiRise Columbia Hills files n renders:

columbia-hills-peek-about.avi  30,603 KB

ColumbiaHills-May-08-640x.avi  270,010 KB

Those are the animations these are versions of the exported dxf files...I found only the 22 meter one worked in Bryce the others are presented so that other folks may be able to use the higher resolution of this dxf mesh of this important and vital area that the Rover Spirit is currently in 'hibernation' waiting for the Sun to once more shine more overhead.  The actual data I used from two sources the PDS and a ISIS discussion fellow named Trent who did a wonderful job of trying and accomplishing bringing the high 32/64 bit data down to 8 or 16 bit data models trying to help me get this area into Bryce...thank you Trent and the ENTIRE ISIS group at the PDS.

GMap-exp-dxf.dxf   5.6 MB

GMap-exp-dxfhead.dxf   13.5 MB

GMap-exp-dxfhead-22metersizegrid.dxf   28,180 KB

GMap-exp-dxfpts-winter.dxf   4.3 MB

PLEASE NOTE:....the DXF files are not for "playing" as a movie...they are the "meshes" that a 3D program can import with x-y-z shape of the Columbia Hills Area on Mars where the Rover Spirit is currently parked...the whole area from landing to it's current location and locations it will visit in the future...i.e. the entire several kilometer piece of Mars real estate but NO maps or textures.


Now in no particular order other alphabetical in the file list are the renders I have done with that nifty little VP4 program I think now has become so old that it has crossed the line between protected and into the public or generational domain or gems that must be saved like great works of art of any culture.  Like so many things that were once freely available on the internet until the hagiographers of "The Powers That BE" who control what we may see and what we may allowed to look at as is being done in China and other countries solely for POLITICAL and CONTROL BY THE ELITE reasons and most certainly not "OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE." 

A Grace Slick song performed with Jefferson Starship sums it up nicely: Artist - Call it right call it wrong-Grace Slick.mp3  3,439 KB

"They" are in charge of teaching our children and we are in danger of becoming what they want, a dumbed-down electorate if we don't stand up and fight back.  I have grabbed the crack of their lies and am unafraid to shake their foundations.  There terrain animations are interesting to me and show what VP4 is capable in a variety of different ways.  Since some where done in the early days I forget the 'time' factors nor the settings used.  I think they are nifty and I hope you do too.

VP_1.AVI  106,780 KB

Vp_3_21_2001_2_with_targets_4.AVI   8,403 KB

Vp_3_21_2001_b.AVI   35,452 KB

Vp_4.AVI   137,365 KB

Vp_8.AVI  84,796 KB

VP4myflyaroundlong3.AVI  597,803 KB


Newer ones :

June1, 2008  2 GB avi

June 2, 2008 1 GB avi


That's it for now.  I have another render going but will be putting that one on the Hidden Mission Journal site where a few of the Cydonia ones above will also be located.  To learn how to become a member you must be a member of Keith Laney's The Hidden Mission Forum first and there is a 'stick-link' at the top in the "Tell Us About It" forum.

I will be adding other content as the weeks and month progress.  Check back often enough to check the "What's New" question where there is a time chronicled list of all the changes and additions to my site.

For now...I'll see ya's again when I see ya.






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