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Hilburn H."Willie" Williams

June 21, 1927 to June 22, 2008

Dear Dad,


Dear Dad you left too early n too soon n so many things unsaid

Your mind left before your body making it harder to comprehend

How can I say the things I want about my love for you beginning to end

But I know youíre at in peace in a place where I stood on the door step trying to get in


I was pushed back but GOD has welcomed you in and brought you home

You may not feel it but I want you to know we feel all left alone n to watch for us when our turn comes

I tired so hard to spread the truth of your Saucers while you were here n to have the lies end

But GOD took you home and I know why I wasnít allowed in


My work remains to spread the word of the movie 2001 we saw together

To spread the brutal truth we are all Earthlings n better get along better

The human race has never been alone in all of GODís Creation

And I re-tell the story of that day and your Saucerís visions


I shall fight like you said that the whole Earth should know

That the fears and greed are the grain from what great lies of have been  sown

That politicians, insurance, big oil n others are the crooks whoíve stolen our future

We have to make a change to a more loving truthful n  compassionate  culture


Only then will our relatives from the swarms in the heavens

Show us that the courage of compassion makes the bravest of GODís creations

I will miss you forever which is why I pray for you to visit me

A whisper of words a twinkling area of lights that can be seen


I will know it is you from the forgiving and life-long love and life youíve given

I will open my soul to listen and to embrace the all of your truth fed wisdom

I will continue your love of books n the stories n knowledge they contained

I will pray for the strength only GOD can give my body to maintain

To finish the work that all must know we were never alone in the Universe n never will ever be alone again.


In the future of my computer work I will carry our dreams in movies I  make

Putting the beauty of the brutal truth of GODís creations I will stand tall and the heat take

For no longer am I afraid to grab greed and lies and cause their foundations to crack n shake

For I shall shout the Brutal Truths about the lying leaches and promises they break.


Watch over us Dad as we live our lives waiting to join you whole once more

We will come in our time knowing you will be waiting on that other shore

We will live lives to make you laugh with glee n pride as you look over us from heaven

And everyone will know that our love for you will never be lost or left to question.


See you when I see you Dad.

In the meantime...this song shows how I know you are still there on the other side of Life



June 25, 2008




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