The North Pole from Lunar Prospector

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As can be seen from the above image there are a number of unique and unusual features at the North Pole of 'our' Moon!  There are four pyramids side-by-side in the lower right corner and the large crater at the bottom left of the large red circle has a large X feature tieing intself into the smaller crater.  There are other unusual structures up there but Prospector supposedly cannot photograph the Moon's surface.  Here is one spacecraft where they didn't even put a 15 buck instamatic on it so they could see and match the ground under them with the data their instruments were collecting.  If their other instruments can measure hydrogen, magnetic field impulses, etc, why haven't they produced 1 pixel = 1 foot images of 'our' Moon?  Why haven't we been back to the Moon for more than 30 years?  Take a good look at the area at the Moon's North Pole and look with an idea that maybe those Russian scientists were right and that the Moon is really already  inhabited.

Now some will say that the above image of the surface was a 'rolling' composite of Clementine images and that the 'apparent' structures and 'connections' between such are just 'optical illusions' caused by the merging of the images.  Others may say they are just simply 'tricks of light and shadow'.  Not so says I and the actual original Clementine images. 

lud5688r-296.gif (84047 bytes)

The above image of the four pyramid area is named lud5688r-296.gif and is exactly as the Clementine spacecraft took the image on its 296th orbit. The lud5688r-296 image's official parameters are here

luf5882r-304.gif (82329 bytes)

The above image  luf5882r-304.gif is shown as is from when Clementine took it on it's 304th orbit over the North Pole area of the Moon.  The white area in lower left is part of spacecraft due to inclination of camera to acquire the image above.  The luf5882r-304.gif official parameters.

lue5471r-166.gif (79570 bytes)

The above image lue5471r-166.gif is as was taken by Clementine ( lue5471r-166.gif official parameters ) in its 166th orbit around our old Moon.  Note the clear X connection in upper left and the open area that would make a good exit for those cigar shaped UFO's.  Note also the Pyramidal nature of our four pyramids side-by-side in the lower right of the image.  From many angles, at different orbits and lighting conditions, these strucutures are there, they are engineered and not natural geomorphic structures to be formed with such regularity, in such close proximity to each other and coincindently at the north pole.   is the American official repository of these images.   is the European official repository of these images.--link broken 7/31/2007

I leave it to you, the visitor, to determine which of the above sites can give you access to data above the 80th parallel of the Moon. 

Close examination of these, and other images I have collected from the Clementine data set produce clear and convincing evidence to those with open eyes, open minds, and common sense application of their vision and experience.  It is here that I must also pick on the investigators of UFO's (who also rail against NASA) for using super-super-image enhancements to prove 'their' cases for 'cities' near the Sagan Memorial Station, for 'factories' on the Moon's surface that is only recognizable upon blowing the image up a thousand times.  With such image manipulation to base a case on, one leaves plenty of room to cast doubt as to intrepratation of the data.  With the above and all other images used in this site, only NASA images have been used from government sites and have not been 'blown-up' to produce these structures.  They are clearly there in visible light and at natural real-time resolutions.  Some researchers have been seeking out the 'trees' and missing the 'forest' of information right in front of their eyes all the time.  And again, there are those scientists who still refuse to believe what their eyes and knowledge clearly indicate because they are letting their egos block the process of having to admit they'd been wrong.  That Aliens have always been here and we were too collectively proud and ignorant to admit it.  


We have also been thinking of looking for Alien structures in the science of Planetary Archeology with pre-concieved notions of what Alien structures would look like and the size they would be.  The new MOC Cydonia images should tell all simply one thing that structures such as these can be huge!  Look at the giant size of the Giza Pyramids which dwarf anything Humans have since been able to build.  Where did our knowledge go on how to build such structures again?  Once again in answering one of Life's wonderful questions, we are left with even more fascinating wondorous pursuits.


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