Who is messing with the THEMIS data?

01/01/03 update below:

Today, September 27, 2002 I did my daily check and downloaded the THEMIS 'Image of the Day' usually boring geological faults, lava flows, crater counts, and ever more n more 'fretted terrain'.  However, this day, to my surprise was a statement in the next to last line of the first paragraph that finally admitted what Cydonia Villagers have been saying for years and years...there's LIQUID WATER ON MARS ! ! !  I made a few posts to a few boards about it and off to work I went.

http://www.anomalies.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=25;t=004018--broken 7/31/2007

http://uplink.space.com/2/OpenTopic?q=Y&a=tpc&s=874094803&f=484094803&m=1213023086--broken 7/31/2007

Now I come back and find that the main page link for this release has been CHANGED, and NO, repeat NO indication that a change was made was given on the page.  Hence, NASA/JPL/ASU 'feel' they can alter their public statements and pronouncements and the actual data they represent to the public on a whim and without so much as a by-your-leave or to even DOCUMENT their changes!!! 

How 'honest' will the OFFICIAL PDS THEMIS EDR QUBES 'pedigree' be if they can change without notice and without documentation their own data on a whim without DOCUMENTING that change?!?!



When I come home from work, it HAS CHANGED TO THIS.


The relevant change was in the next to last sentence.  The first output was this:

"It is likely that water ice or even liquid water is present in the deposits and is somehow responsible for the observed landscape."

which when I got home from work had been changed to this:

"It is possible that water ice or even liquid water was present in the deposits and somehow responsible for the observed landscape. "

Now this may seem like a 'nit-picky' issue to most Americans, but to Mars enthusiasts and especially the Cydonian Villagers who have been having furious debates with pseudo skeptic debunkers who have stated for YEARS n YEARS that LIQUID WATER on Mars was an IMPOSSIBILITY and we were CRAZY to think it was so, this is a big step forward for NASA to finally admit something we have been saying and SHOWING (as the threads I started above show) LIQUID WATER for YEARS yet no-one believed us.  We were called 'fruitcakes' and poked fun at.  Well we were right.  And NASA is finally admitting it, then sorta 'unadmitting' or 'qualifying' that admittance.  And again CHANGING the DATA and RELEASE without DOCUMENTING that change.  How much are they CHANGING THE RAW DATA WITHOUT DOCUMENTING IT?  We have proof above and again below where NASA had CHANGED things without DOCUMENTING those changes.


This is like when they once had Cydonia on a JPL page here:


But after 'attention' was drawn to it, they removed it, try this now :


and now it no longer works at all.

Again ANYTHING to do with Mars, and especially Cydonia, water and LIFE from NASA/JPL/MSSS/ASU is absolutely suspect.  How can we TRUST anything when they keep playing a shell game with data and which version and 'corruption' of the data is current?   Why did you change the page NASA/JPL/ASU?  and WHY didn't you DOCUMENT that change?

And btw...as of today Saturday September 28, 2002...you are 41 days LATE in releasing the raw THEMIS EDR QUBES:


...in whatever 'current' stage of undocumented alteration they happen to be in.


updated 01/01/03

In preparing for the New Year I started saving the October THEMIS data dump which happened in October 2002 to my own CD-ROMS as I have been doing with the MGS MOC data dumps when they occur.  I also was able to have a sufficient amount of time off work to do some imaging work for which this student is eternally grateful to be able to do more than before.  That further work can be seen in another update for today in the Foo-Foo Dust question. 

The thing I wanted to address here at this update on this page is a mystery to me tonight.  I first brought this up in the Anomalies Network chartroom specifically.   At the time I was discussing this oddity I had noticed when going through the larger Infrared Qubes ( 10 band ones ) one by one after another looking for good and interesting landscape to work with.  I came across a very very small number of files where the following was showing on only a few bands within those few files:

I01297001EDR_b3_news.GIF (21574 bytes)


At the time in the chat is was easier to make a quick copy, save and DCC to the few folks in the room.  This crop is from MY copy of band 3 of QUBE I01297001.  That band now no longer has this 'newsletter' pattern in it on the http or the ftp ASU PDS release sites.  I have asked for others who had downloaded the THEMIS October data dump to check their copies of this QUBE and let me know what they have.  So far I haven't had a response as to anyone even doing the complete download of the THEMIS release.  I sincerely hope I am not the only amateur researcher out here who downloads and archives separately the data releases from NASA on these Mars Missions.   Because Gee, if I am, then ASU and MSSS could just ship me a CD a month and I would quietly slip away from the net and leave these poor fellows in peace.  I would stop my screamin and hollerin for data to be on-time, in a user-friendly format, and also for the Cydonia data to be treated as 'significant' and thus be released immediately.   Because if no-one else is interested in saving and working with the entire data set, it is a sad day indeed in the Cydonian Village.  I can understand the reluctance of some to come forward and once more get involved in a 'pedigree' issue...but folks, we are talking about the PDS QUBES here! 

It may very well be I am the only one who's copy of the PDS dump download got 'infected' this way and everyone else's set of qubes they originally got in October is perfectly normal as they are today on those sites.  I only know that I did NOT alter these bands in these very few qubes and add this 'newsletter' pattern to it.  I opened the qubes with NASAView and started flipping through the bands and viola...this slithered into view.

How did the pattern get there? 

Does anyone else have this pattern in their version of the Qube I01297001? 

Or in other qubes and other bands?

As of tonight it is one more Mars Mystery to me.


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