Who sees thru foo-foo dust?

updated 01/01/2003

Odyssey's THEMIS can and the images below help to prove that point.  I wish to first thank many great and patient folks who have taught me some of the more, to them, rudimentary tasks of imaging processing beyond adjusting the brightness knob on the ol' TV Dial [;-{)  I have not yet employed all lessons and I'm still only on page 93 of a 260 page ENVI manual but I am moving forever forward.  The following images and ratios were put together in some unusual ways using a football round-robin betting technique that has served me well in the that arena, and has once more proven its worth in the imaging arena as well.  It is a methodological practice I applied to a 'new' scientific endeavor and will continue it in the years and missions to come.  It has given me, and now you, some interesting results.  As to what these results mean?  Well, as Ally finally says in SciFi's TAKEN, it is in asking the questions that defines life, not in getting answers that can't allow us to ask ever new questions.

I am going to begin with some crops from the July 24, 2002 PNG file I downloaded from the ASU site in the beginning of December 2002.   Located here:


I performed various methodologies to this one single controversial image and those methodologies will remain with me, as Johnny Cash would say, in the mud, the blood, the spit and the beer until the Boys named aSUe comes clean with what THEIR doing for image processing steps.  Until then, here are some more 'pretty pictures' to look at.

We'll start with some small crops.  oops I almost forgot.  What the heck is 'foo-foo dust'?


Beware of Stealthy Terrain and 'Foo-foo Dust'

Laser altimeters will gauge the lander's altitude during descent in order to fire the solid rockets and deploy the parachutes and airbags at the right time. For those measurements to be made, the landers must be targeted to areas where the altimeter's radar will bounce back from the surface. Ruled out as landing sites are so-called "stealth regions".

"Stealth regions" are locales on Mars where the radar penetrates the surface but doesn't bounce back - a characteristic these regions share with the military's radar-avoiding stealth technology. In the case of Stealth fighters and bombers, the aircraft surfaces are made of a high-tech, radar-absorbing material. In the case of Mars' "stealth regions," however, the answer isn't known, said Golombek. They may be covered with a meter or more of "foo-foo dust," a Dr. Seuss-like term that Golombek uses to describe possibly fluffy accumulations of Mars' fine iron-oxide dust particles that can pile up in drifts like red snow.


Wanna peek underneath?

20020724A_b6_10-11mm_crop_DnM-area.jpg (2485 bytes)


20020724A_b6_10-11mm_crop_DnM-area_mergedlayer_filtered.jpg (2703 bytes)






WOW- areas that were in shadow are now brought to the surface.


Wonder what the FACE looks like?

20020724A_b6_10-11mm_crop_FortFace-area.jpg (2119 bytes)

20020724A_b6_10-11mm_crop_FortFace-area_merged_filtered.jpg (2305 bytes)








Then we have another area:

20020724A_b6_10-11mm_crop_JTolus-area.jpg (2413 bytes)              20020724A_b6_10-11mm_crop_JTolus-area_merged_filtered.jpg (3272 bytes)

Notice the wall area in lower right that is less distinct in left image and also upper right feature shows more detail.

Now in no particular order are some other interesting looks beneath the dusty dunes of Cydonia. Click on images for full-res versions.

20020724A_b3-5R_4-5G_6-5B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (10416 bytes)        20020724A_b5-6R_4-6G_3-6B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (8639 bytes)

20020724A_b5-9R_4-9G_3-9B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (10537 bytes)      20020724A_b6-3R_5-3G_4-3B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (10115 bytes)



20020724A_b6-5R_4-5G_3-5B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (9770 bytes)      20020724A_b7-8R_5-8G_3-8B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (9271 bytes)


20020724A_b8-4R_6-5G_4-6B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (10156 bytes)      20020724A_b9-3R_8-3G_7-3B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (11275 bytes)


20020724A_b9-4R_8-4G_7-4B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (9722 bytes)      20020724A_b9-6R_8-6G_7-6B_ratios_filtered_sm.jpg (5720 bytes)



I think there's LOTS of 'blocky' and other shaped ruins down there.  Hiding under all that 'foo-foo dust' of science by politics.

Some TRUE COLOR images from this complete area would be a great help also.  Unfortunately as of today, Saturday December 14, 2002 the DAWGS of NASA/JPL/ASU have only released a single 'partial' TRUE COLOR image of Mars:


And they also did not release the bands as in the image above, nor did they target the area above.  We also don't know if the above 'True Color' image is really 'true' at all.  It may just be a Colored Christmas Catbox like the April 1998 Cydonia image was after waiting more than a quarter century.  It turned out to be the "Infamous CATBOX", because the raw, ancillary and geometry data was released WITH the image in 1998 and they were exposed in their press release image.  If there's nothing to hide, why is this data NOW being hidden when it wasn't then?  Something to consider for sure.

Cydonia IS a 'significant' area and as such qualifies for ALL data about this area to released immediately as per the Principal Investigator clauses in every NASA principal investigator contract.:


So where's the Cydonia data?  Maybe the Boys named aSUe  have it with Johnny Cash down in the mud, blood, spit and beer?


update: 01/01/2003:


Below are more IR processed images that will let one see Mars through a different pair of eyes and a different process that enhances features that may not be visible to the human eye.  The THEMIS system was touted to be a powerful and dynamic instrument that explain lots of mysteries about Mars.  These images only hint at the many questions that will remain even after we get our THEMIS data.   Again, for full res click on the small image to see the full resolution ratio image.  Since we don't have any other QUBE of Cydonia at present these are from other QUBES of other places on Mars.


I01298006EDR_b9-1_b7ratio_R1_G2_B3_filtered_sm.jpg (41468 bytes)      I01298006EDR_b9-1_b6ratio_r2_g3_b4__filtered_sm.jpg (47600 bytes)

I01299006BTR_b9-4_b3ratio_RGB_combo1_filtered_sm.jpg (49942 bytes)      I01205006_ratiob9-1_b7_r4g3b2_filtered_sm.jpg (41754 bytes)


I00817002EDR_ratiosb9-1_b4_r3g6b9_filtered_sm.jpg (29462 bytes)           I00817002EDR_ratiosb9-1_b6_r5g3b1_filtered_sm.jpg (31701 bytes)           I00817002EDR_ratiosb9-1_b7_r5g3b1_filtered_sm.jpg (31585 bytes)           I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r4g8b7_filtered_sm.jpg (40866 bytes)           I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r8g7b4_filtered_sm.jpg (42395 bytes)          





I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r9g8b4_filtered_sm.jpg (39203 bytes)           I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b3_r9g8b7_filtered_sm.jpg (38033 bytes)           I01208002EDR_ratios9-1_b6_r5g3b1_filtered_sm.jpg (44237 bytes)          


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