There are many places and radio stations on the net to acquire more information and to hear differing viewpoints directly from the folks who are the forefront of areas that mainstream media, science and educational institutions have yet to come to accept as 'worthy' of study, coverage or learning despite the mounting mountains of evidence to the contrary.  A few of the places I recommend are listed here.  If you know of more, or have one of your own you wish listed, please email me:


On Saturday nights at 10PM EST USA Erol Bruce-Knapp has one of the TOP rated UFO radio show called "Strange Days Indeed"  located:

Another absolutely MUST gave FAV spot on the WWW for you folks is the Black Vault with thousands of documents, videos, BBS and radio shows:


One of the best MarsNews sites out there now has their own radio show occasionally and their archive can be found here:


One of the premiere late night talk show site is here:



There are of course many more out there and if you see some, or have your own show you think will fit in here please again let me know. Thanx.


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