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How is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter doing?


'That is the beginning of knowledge - the discovery of something we do not understand'

Leto Atreides II-DUNE




Since the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) got to Mars the team has been doing an outstanding job in acquiring and quickly releasing to the public the highest resolution images ever acquired of Mars to date in the more than 30 years of Mars exploration.  Their dedication is to be applauded in all that they are doing in exploring Mars at the greatest resolution in a wide suite of instruments aimed at Mars.


Those instruments can be seen in detail here:




When the MRO opens their instruments to the public for targeting requests at some point:







We hope to be able to participate in the request using a very detailed ESA image colored by Keith Laney with a grid and DUNE 'theme' annotations on it that will help us tell and show the MRO team WHICH areas of Cydonia we would like to be targeted and help the MRO folks make sure they acquire the CORRECT target requested.  The 15 volume Epic Saga of Dune is one of the greatest achievements in Science Fiction literature...imho


More about the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map can be found by clicking the map's name.



UPDATE-October 30, 2007


THANK YOU to the MRO team.


This is finally happening ...yeah !!!




A great big THANK YOU to the ENTIRE MRO TEAM


What a beautiful collection of images they have assembled and released:



While the images are large...they are also portions of which stand...imho...qualified as simply the Universe's Art.  The choices made between on or off...particle or wave at the level of quantum mechanics is where...imho again..."Science" and "Religion" do find a "Universal Intelligence"...and we see that it has an 'Artistic' mood at times.


On the following pages you will find clips I have cropped as is from 'certain portions' of the above site's images as they were released up to October 31, 2007.    These crops I feel is where the 'Universal Intelligence' is making the choices between wave or particle at the quantum level reaches out and connects to my soul.  I will be adding other albums in the future at some point when I finish the LAST and FINAL of the MGS MOC data dump to the PDS recently.  I started the first WWW on-line Mars "Artistic" gallery of MOC images from the FIRST data dump at my website at Clinton Community College in  April 1998 and I feel it necessary to close the circle and I must do one for the LAST data from that mission as well.


The previous April 1998  MOC collection I did at CCC is located at this link.


You are invited to learn more about the Hidden Message Journal and its' founding principles at the HiddenMission BBS thread here.


At this point I wish to point out that the HiddenMessageJournal is "opening it's doors" as it were and announce we are ready for other people's participation.  In there will be Photo Albums that people can set up and upload images into their personal albums.  You can submit news items and chat and so much else as members.   Member ship is free once registered with Hidden Mission Forum, our founding site where the idea first came from.   Registration is free there also.




Again...in the mean time....again KUDOS    to the MRO TEAM !!!


Click here for thumbnails of MRO CROPS






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