Nature's Artistic Beauty on Mars

Mars Art page 1

From the 2 cds released in December 1999, 3 months late, of SOME of the thousands of images taken during the March 1999 fixed high gain antenna (fha) mapping sequence.   This page was completed January 9, 2000 and we should also be viewing images acquired in July 1999, but sadly we are not.  We have yet to see ALL the images from even the fha sequence in March and there has been no release for April, May or June 1999.   I urge you to contact your local media editors and ask why we have not seen these pictures.

I want to thank Ron Schmidt for helping in downloading the latest 2 CDs from MSSS released to USGS after 9 months since data acquisition and in a format that is NOT PDS standard as the previous 10 cd releases were.  Once again MSSS and NASA are not living up to their own stated policies concerning the images from the only working spacecraft we have on Mars.

I will be posting new comments about this and other stuff in the discussion area of this website because it is easier for me to post there.  More images from Mars will be coming soon and I hope to start using thumbnails more to give you a better choice for picking which images you want the full resolution on to view them for artistic purposes.   Since there are many many artistically pleasing areas on Mars I have begun a page devoted to Nature's Art on Mars.  It will be expanded and combined with a new treatment of the material I have on Mars, once I can get Dr. Malin to release his images in a timely manner and in the proscribed PDS format for viewing with NASAView.

The images loading now are some from the latest release of MSSS, NASA and the USGS from the MGS MOC camera.  As everyone knows the MCO and MPL both were disasters.  The news media has let NASA and JPL 'escape' rather easily in their loss of these 2 spacecraft.  The media has also not taken NASA, MSSS, USGS or JPL to task about the slow release of data from the MGS MOC.  We are only now seeing SOME of March 1999's data acquired, and we are not seeing it released in standard PDS format as required and within the 6 month period, also as required.  I shall continue to post comments about this and other matters in the discussion area of this website so check there for latest comments about all this and other matters.  If you wish to know where on Mars these images show, orbit #'s, lat and long, etc; I leave it to you the viewer to try and navigate through the NASA labrynith of links and data incapitability to making it EASY for you the taxpayer to see the data you have paid for.  Pres. Clinton and politicians in general say they want to make science and technology that NASA finds easy for the American people to view, HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Try it.I have left the original image number as part of the new name of each image. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image itself then right-click on the image and go save picture or save image as to see it and to save these images to your disk if you wish.  Also these images are straight from NASAView program gifs and are unaltered in ANY manner.  What MOC saw is what you get.  As in the Moon images and other Mars images on this website, I do not modify the images with shading, smoothing or other image processing 'tricks' to bring out more highlights or other features, again it is straight from NASAView.

For now, the images below are some of the more eye-pleasing and artistic areas found in the 2 disks of the new images.  I plan to have this page used for the artistic beauty that is the scuplted surface of Mars. Enjoy....Bob....


fha00437_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1899 bytes) fha00443_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2222 bytes) fha00443_rhw2_arrow_thumb.jpg (3136 bytes) fha00445_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2095 bytes)
fha00445_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2293 bytes) fha00445_rhw3_thumb.jpg (1876 bytes) fha00451_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2214 bytes) fha00451_rhw2_thumb.jpg (1937 bytes)
fha00451_rhw3_thumb.jpg (1610 bytes) fha00451_rhw4_thumb.jpg (2246 bytes) fha00533_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2761 bytes) fha00710_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1749 bytes)
fha00710_rhw2_thumb.jpg (1792 bytes) fha00710_rhw3_thumb.jpg (1225 bytes) fha01010_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2032 bytes) fha01010_rhw2_craterface1_thumb.jpg (3019 bytes)
fha01010_rhw3_thumb.jpg (2874 bytes) fha01010_rhw4_2brightmesas_thumb.jpg (1974 bytes) fha01022_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3055 bytes) fha01022_rhw2_thumb.jpg (3219 bytes)
fha01022_rhw3_thumb.jpg (2760 bytes) fha01120_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2567 bytes) fha01120_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2098 bytes) fha01125_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2127 bytes)
fha01125_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2329 bytes) fha01129_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2836 bytes) fha01129_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2979 bytes) fha01133_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2341 bytes)
fha01146_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1808 bytes) fha01146_rhw2_thumb.jpg (1945 bytes) fha01151_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3092 bytes) fha01153_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2657 bytes)
fha01153_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2665 bytes) fha01224_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1976 bytes) fha01224_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2257 bytes) fha01230_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2176 bytes)
fha01238_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2131 bytes) fha01238_rhw2_thumb.jpg (3015 bytes) fha01267_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2799 bytes) fha01267_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2005 bytes)
fha01277_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2575 bytes) fha01277_rhw2_thumb.jpg (3608 bytes) fha01299_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2682 bytes) fha01299_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2497 bytes)
fha01305_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1993 bytes) fha01307_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2289 bytes) fha01307_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2139 bytes) fha01307_rhw3_thumb.jpg (2909 bytes)
fha01307_rhw4_thumb.jpg (2906 bytes) fha01315_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3885 bytes) fha01337_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3624 bytes) fha01337_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2792 bytes)
fha01366_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1973 bytes) fha01366_rhw2_thumb.jpg (1902 bytes) fha01366_rhw3_thumb.jpg (2199 bytes) fha01381_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2263 bytes)
fha01381_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2382 bytes) fha01381_rhw3_thumb.jpg (1526 bytes) fha01408_rhw1_thumb.jpg (4260 bytes) fha01454_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2587 bytes)
fha01454_rhw2_thumb.jpg (2206 bytes) fha01471_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3345 bytes) fha01521_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3124 bytes) fha01530_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1861 bytes)
fha01538_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2379 bytes) fha01538_rhw2_thumb.jpg (3126 bytes) fha01538_rhw3_thumb.jpg (2351 bytes) fha01538_rhw4_thumb.jpg (2473 bytes)
fha01602_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2284 bytes) fha01606_rhw1_thumb.jpg (3027 bytes) fha01629_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1580 bytes) fha01630_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2363 bytes)
fha01635_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2245 bytes) fha01641_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2213 bytes) fha01647_rhw1_thumb.jpg (2828 bytes) fha01651_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1182 bytes)
fha01651_rhw2_thumb.jpg (1958 bytes) fha01667_rhw1_thumb.jpg (1712 bytes)    


So, I hope you have enjoyed these wondrous artistic views of Mars.

For more photos in the future you, and I, will have to wait upon Dr. Mike Malin, NASA, JPL, and the USGS's whims on releasing more of the thousands of images taken by the MGS MOC of Mars.  Remember, ALL images are to be released after 6 months in PDS img format for viewing with NASAView software, and 'public interest' images within 7 days of acquisition.  PLEASE write, email, call, fax or otherwise show your displeasure over the hiding of Mars' data to politicians. editors, or even the entities listed above.   Our tax dollars pay for these spacecraft, the scientists salaries, the costs of equipment and other costs associated with these missions, we have a RIGHT to view the data acquired with our tax dollars.

Public Interest images in these 2 cds:

fha01401 near Viking 1 landing site

fha01446 near Viking 2 landing site