Nature's Artistic Beauty on Mars

Page done : 5/30/2000

Mars Art page 2

Recently I met with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and told her about the slow release of Mars images in violation of stated policy and contractual requirements.  Within 36 hours of talking with her, new images were posted on the USGS site, and even more images have come out in the last few weeks.  My thanks to Mrs. Clinton for getting these images released.  Now if we could only get them to release the Cydonia images when they are supposed to, we would ALL be happy.

I want to thank Ron Schmidt again for helping with the download cd-roms the USGS site of all the data and cutting the CDs so I could work on them from home.

Again, click on a thumbnail to load the larger image.  A note like before, ALL images begin with original MSSS and USGS file name and then my initials and art_a-z for artistic images.

Images that MAY have artifacts do NOT have the word art as part of the file name.

ENJOY ! ! ! !


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