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First, GIZA in Egypt can give us a preview of what something 'engineered' may look like from Space.  Remember, the Egyptian Pyramids of Earth are a lot less than 10 thousand years old.  The Cydonia Mensae Face may be 10 MILLION or more years old.  How would YOUR Face look in the mirror at that age?  

I also think the image below can be used to also give a reference for interpreting images from the two Moon questions on the main page.

GIZA3.jpg (5463 bytes)


Now to The Face on Mars.  Since 1976 when the Viking spacecraft orbiter took a serious of images of an unusual 'landform feature' on the Martian surface that looked like a human face, the controversy over this feature is not only not settled, but even more intense than ever before.  There is a long long history to this feature, the dialogue, or lack there-of, the investigations, or lack-of, the scientific and popular pontifications and all the media hype have failed to still settle this issue once and for all.  

There is no way I can hope to give you even a smidgen of the amount of material this feature has generated through the years right now.  Your own microcomputer and your internet connection can find you literally thousands of sites devoted to Mars anomalies and specifically the Face itself.  The search is interesting but fraught with scammers whose findings may be based more on wishful thinking than hard data. 

 However, there is an unusual lack of public 'real-data' with respect to this feature; and this presents us with a problem using your microcomputer for investigative purposes cannot solve by itself.  So as an example of what YOU can do WITH your computer to address these types of concerns; I have set forth here in a basic chronological order the highlights of the Odyssey we have gone through with just getting a decent picture of that enigmatic mug (pun intended).


As of 1/1/2001 there have been more than 57,000 public images released from the MGS MOC to the USGS PDS so that the average citizen can use their own home computers and access hard scientific data from this NASA scientific instrument.  There have been an estimated 120,000 images actually acquired by the instrument.  There has been only ONE ( 1 ) image of the Mars Face publicly released, which was taken in April 1998.  There was one other public attempt announced in April 2000 and this is what happened then from:


"An attempt to take a picture of a portion of the "Face" itself (M12-01787) in mid-February 2000 was foiled when the MGS spacecraft experienced a sequencing error and most of that day's data were not returned to Earth. Only the first 97 lines of M12-01787 were received"  Notice that this notice was NOT presented, or told about to the public for ~60 days past the attempt.  NOT WHAT NASA PROMISED ! ! !

On that fateful day in April 1998, JPL/NASA/MSSS released the now infamous 'catbox' image of the Cydonia Mensae Face to the world-wide press, and said SEE! It's a pile of ROCKS !  Here's their catbox:


Subsequently, BETTER and more HONEST 'renditions' of the RAW data were done by other NASA personnel and members of academia and general public once the raw data was released.

See the difference between the original release and after correct processing here:


and the following image emerged:

That image is:


The image below is a morphing animated gif from Dr. Mark Carlotto from his site at:

http://www.psrw.com/~markc/marshome.html--broken 7/31/2007


There are new or priori 'points of evidence' in this 1st new image that were not visible in the original Viking images; the 'nostrils' clearly indented depressions and side by side, clearly grooved 'headdress' seemingly aligned above the ridge line for the nose, there is an eyeball and a distinct alignment down the center of the mesa for the nose ridge with nostrils evenly placed aside that line  and correct mouth placement.  Although the mouth edge is 'open' in this image and was 'closed' in all the Viking images.  It is unknown why this should be.  

We have still yet to see, from ANY image Viking or MGS, the right hand side ( Eastern side ) of the feature.  In other words, this scientific image is still only capturing 1/2 of the data available.  The above image is 4.2 meters per pixel resolution yet the MOC is capable of 1.4 meter per pixel resolution so we also have yet to get the very BEST scientific image of the data released to the public.


Also when going through the data archive I noticed that many images were 'missing' from the archive.  MGSC1013 for example had 38 images missing from its archive volume.  Using MS Office Access database one can load the index of images from each volume, or the entire collection.  From that data one can use critical thinking and problem solving skills in finding the dates, times and circumstances surrounding the missing images.  With that information you can use the internet to go over the operations logs for the spacecraft and look for any problems that may have arisen to account for the missing images. There were none.


Through the Continuing Education Office of Clinton Community College I filed a FOIA request to NASA about the missing images, the Mars Face and other issues.  This FOIA had the signed endorsement of current CCC President Dr. Carol Eaton, Continuing Education Dean Mike Schwartz, Retired; and in a further example of my bridging the two college's together, this FOIA is endorsed by PSUC Board of Trustee Member and Director of Community/Government Relations, Don Garrant.  His support brought on board PSUC alumni Congressman Anthony Weiner whose call to NASA prompted NASA's response and call back to me.  We are currently waiting 60-90 days to give NASA reasonable time to begin to comply with the FOIA request.  We'll keep you posted.





Below is link to new Cydonia images released January 31, 2001.  The new Cydonia Face image only acquires the top left corner of the feature as we peek down at it from space, about 25% of the entire feature.  CAN'T THEY HIT THE TARGET DEAD-ON CENTER?  Although this new image CLEARLY has an 'eyeball' dead-center in the 'eye-socket'.


This time it seems that the 'processing' was completed BEFORE this release.  Too bad that NONE, nada not ONE ( 1 ), of these EIGHT ( 8 ) imaging opportunities had been publicized BEFORE acquisition, AND released to the public IMMEDIATELY afterwards has had been PROMISED by JPL/NASA!  More broken promises!


There was another public attempt at getting the Cydonia Mensae Face made and can be read about at the bottom of here:


Once again, there was NO prior notice that an imaging opportunity was coming up, and the data was NOT released IMMEDIATELY upon retrieving it.  There is NO REASON why the IMQ or IMG files CANNOT be released when acquired by JPL/NASA/MSSS for this particular region and to ANNOUNCE imaging opportunities in ADVANCE !


New Update May 24, 2001:

I have been fired with Broken Promises from CCC for my participation in the pursuit many Americans were working together to get NASA to acquire a GOOD picture of this target.

Here is link to the FIRST release of the latest Cydonia Mensae Face acquisition try.  Although they once again did NOT notify the public a targeting opportunity was being made.  There is 'good' reason to believe that MSSS wanted to release this particular image right after acquisition, but was held back by JPL/NASA ( however THIS is only a very good rumor as to the timing of Sen. Jim Jefford's nuking the leadership of the Senate and 'maybe' had nothing to do with each other ) [Similar, like sorta how ‘they’ had Don Rumsfield come out with his ‘Space Force’ on the same day the Project Disclosure with Dr. Greer was unfolding at the National Press Club-coincidences ya think?].. They did NOT tell us about it IN ADVANCE though.

At least this time...




new_MGSMOC_face_may_2001.gif (142209 bytes)



However, as a 'first' impression: I'm not eating crow...nor should anyone else eat any, just yet anyway. This thing may be 10 MILLION years old or older! How would YOUR Face look in the mirror after so long a time. There's pics of the Egyptian Pyramids that don't look like anything either.  The possibility for artificiality is STILL there.  But yes, they finally---


but, once again...they broke their promise to tell us IN ADVANCE AND TO RELEASE IMMEDIATELY ! Not saying they did ANYTHING other than NOT live up to their promises with this area, AGAIN ! ! ! Also, where is the RAW imQ or imG files? Those SHOULD be released as well, IMMEDIATELY ! other than that...we'll wait-n-see. Because WHY wasn't the 3-D made from the April 1998 image with this one? Where is that 'odd' little piece from the bottom right of the 4th image gone to? The 'nostrils' don't seem to match the orthification they should in this one in comparison to other images. Just all random thoughts till I can get more together later this or next week.

However, at this time I will make public another letter which I had been waiting for a reply on.  Dr. Mikey Malin has acquired the image I ordered and sent $85 American buck-a-roos for.  So I hope he sends my 24 X 30 poster of THIS new image he has acquired and satisfied the requirements I set forth in the order, those being:

Dead-On Center, both left and right sides, from the tippy-top of its headdress to the bottom of its chinny-chin-chin.

He did it!  I hope he cashes the check, its good, and sends the poster to the campus.  I'll be happy with what my $85 last-working bucks bought.  I ALWAYS knew they had the capability to do it.  

Dr. Carl Sagan's famous quote about this feature that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." still rings true today.  Also true is that extraordinary evidence requires an extraordinary investigation.  After 5 tries we've finally got overhead data of the WHOLE feature.  Because of the world-wide attention and interest in this enigmatic feature a full stereo 3-D would be called for along with the immediate release of ALL the raw data files.  Not so much as to 'prove' it is NOT artificial; but as a conclusion into an inquiry by humanity into what may TRULY lie there in the dead n dry n dusty dunes of Mars.  Hey, if it really is a hill of rock, it will still be famous.  Maybe not as the Martian Mount Rushmore...but the Martian Mount Faceless.  What's important is the effort of TRUTHFUL and FULL scientific inquiry, of wondering, of questing and dreaming.  For if we loose the ability to dream, to quest, to wonder and explore in TRUTHFUL HONESTY then we shall surely perish as a species.

In every passionate pursuit, the pursuit counts more than the object pursued.
 -- Eric Hoffer


UPDATE 5/31/2001:




Update April 20, 2002:


A new spacecraft called Mars Odyssey is circling Mars and acquiring images.  Last week they released the first image of Cydonia and its Face from the THEMIS camera system.  I waited a week to see if they would rectify their position and release a TRUE COLOR image of Cydonia.  Alas they have not as of today.


 The 2002 THEMIS image of the Cydonia Face and the surrounding area.

For my comments about the current THEMIS mission to date they are archived here:


Where you can also join for free and leave your own comments.

Update September 7, 2002

On the night of September 6, and into the morning of Sept 7, 2002 Keith 'Bullitt' Laney presented his findings on the IR data that HE especially downloaded from the OFFICIAL THEMIS website on the Image of the Day section on the evening of July 25, 2002. I have devoted a page entitled Who is crazie here? to a rebuttal to a poster at a Space.com BBS thread in which an on-going debate is occurring to close the gap between the HONEST elements within NASA and the rest of us out here interested in this aspect of space exploration. It is an on-going effort to get the very few PUBLIC figures making promises and proclamations on behalf of NASA to simply, live up to their word. To say what they mean and mean what they say. There seems to be a great difficulty for NASA Public Relations and some scientists to accomplish this. This response is directed at them, and at the 99% of NASA personnel who ARE honest and tired of the misdirected lies and deception, to the PUBLIC to become ACTIVE in this endeavor to gain the attention of the MEDIA to take this issue with the seriousness it deserves. FREEDOM is at stake here. And we have recently been brutally reminded, FREEDOM does not come cheaply, nor should it be taken for granted, and should be fought to be protected at any and all costs in whatever theatre of war is necessary. Sadly, we must seemingly go to war with our government. If they will lie about a plain on Mars, what else could and would they lie about in the name of 'National Security'?

Who is crazie here?

Update 11/02/02

Since the above was posted Keith Laney has his own site with some amazing imagery of this fascinating enimatic mirror looking at humanity from those dusty dunes of Cydonia:

7-9_4-6_1-3FaceEnvi.jpg (90794 bytes)

originally from here:


7-9_4-6_1-3D+MENVI.jpg (156084 bytes)



Other infrared imagery can be found here:



Amazing and wonderfully beautiful and accurate IR renditions of these enigmatic land forms.



Update July 15, 2003

A new nighttime IR image was released in this last July 1 THEMIS data dump.  To avoid controversy over any band ratioing as I have in IR work elsewhere I have simply taken the BTR band 9 of this nighttime IR image and the area around the FACE itself as a working base.  Making it of same m/p conversion and alignment with a variety of tools include using Ground Control Points of ENVI to assure alignment of features as eyeball, lip edges etc.  What follows is absolutely extraordinary, and even more fabulous with color direct from the 5 band Visible image also converted to overlay onto the one and only single time that Dr. Malin, NASA/JPL/MSSS have actually,


MOC Image E03-00824 was also the fulfilling of a standing order for a large poster photograph I had sent actual cash for, and arrived in May 2001.  Here now is the latest THEMIS VIS and NIGHTTIME IR data overlayed onto the MOC as more 'pretty pictures':


The MOC as itself:                          MOC and nighttime IR           MOC n color n night IR


FACE_IR0_6x6.jpg (59407 bytes)      FACE_IR50_6x6.jpg (48014 bytes)     FACE_CO55_IR55_6x6.jpg (34444 bytes)


There is stunning confirmation that there indeed REALLY IS 'a gridwork' underneath all that 'foo-foo dust' covering the FACE in Cydonia...on Mars.   Anyone with imaging skills should be able to replicate cutting the FACE area from the nighttime IR band 9 and resizing and re-aligning so that it would lay over the MOC image indicated.  Also V03814003 was a 5 band VIS image from the THEMIS camera which was used to make an EVENLY applied RGB with bands 2,3 and 4 of the FACE for the color portion of the above study.  In days ahead I will work on an animation as I saved each increment of adding images at 5% mark.  I just need to reduce size from 2400 x 2400 pixel to the above 600x600 small web jpgs.  To me...there's structure underneath the FACE , the DnM and many other others of Cydonia related in the recent nighttime IR image. 

The data is an inescapable conclusion...

Cydonia is what is on the other side of humanity's mirror.

We need to go there.  Soon.


Update July 16, 2003

Well I had to reduce the image sizes to 300x300 pixels and this leaves a 3.1MB animated gif of going through adjusting layer levels on the overlays.  

Here is the animated gif of the Cydonia Face on Mars going from about 1.5 m/p to looking through the 'foo-foo dust' to the GIRDERS and BEAMS and ARCHITECTURAL UNDERSTRUCTURE !

Bright spots on band 9 of the latest nighttime infrared show the hottest areas, and these show structural components.  I anxiously await the real work of others trying to refute the obvious to me that the FACE on Mars, in Cydonia, is indeedy artificial.

It certainly can no longer be called a 'simple pile of rocks'.   There is clearly bono-fide underground structural components supporting the FACE 'surface', what-ever that surface is made of.

Here's the animation so far...PLEASE press 'F5' or View Refresh from menu to re-start animations :


Animation1_3x3.gif (3158401 bytes)


Richard Hoagland and others have been asked if we expected to see 'girders' down there.  Well, yes, they are there. And the THEMIS is a wonderful instrument that allows us to see them.  And if VIS band 5 could be 'fixed', then we would be able to see the FACE finally, after all this time in 'TRUE EYE COLOR'!  I suppose we'll have to wait for the Europeans or Japanese to 'come clean' with the REAL data about Mars, and especially Cydonia, and to be publicly honest about it.  Because since September 1997, to my knowledge, the MSSS MOC has YET, repeat YET, to publicly release a similar image of the Face of the next most interesting piece of Architecture laying in Cydonia, the DiPietro n Molenar Pyramid, full on, in even lighting, from IT's Tippy-tippy-top to the bottom of it's little bit of truss and supports laying there in all that 'foo-foo dust of Cydonia'. 



btw...the DnM Pyramid image above done by KeithLaney.com was from THEMIS.


Update July 20, 2003

I have made another little animation directly from the NIGHTTIME IR QUBE and also included close-ups of the FACE area from which the animation was made including a direct BTR close-up.  The data is noisy but clear structural components can be seen and only some of them have been highlighted.  As I mentioned in a recent post on several BBSs:

I have also freely admitted I'd been ( and mostly still am ) an 'imaging idiot'. Before I started this long educational process I couldn't even color-shade an area on an image without completely obliterating it. Some may say I still have that level of competance. I don't actually care. I don't actually DO the imaging process myself to 'show off' I do it:

1) more to verify for myself that what the real professional folks can do much better than me has, in fact, some BASIS in fact within the image AND

2) so that I don't have to WAIT for others to do it .

The Nighttime IR as I said CLEARLY has support structure components for the Face along the top and the nose. In some RGB ratios and combinations there are PERFECTLY linear faint lines along each side of the FACE where it intersects with the plain below that would actually DISAPPEAR if I ran the image through a 'filter' to clean the noise as I did with other IR images. So this imaging stuff is basically so that I can see for myself and also because I was always frustrated WAITING and WAITING for those WITH the skills to post their work. So...I learned a bit and now I can peer through the foo-foo dust on my own, in whatever particular image that I am interested in.

And what I have found is astounding to me still.  I remain amazed and can't wait for more professional folks to clean these images and REALLY bring out the detail that IS really there below all that 'foo-foo dust' to really get at the amazing images that lay within all that 'raw' data.


First the BTR

      I03814002btr_zoom_FACE.jpg (15962 bytes)

Ratioed images:


I03814002RDR_Rb9-5_Gb5_Bb3_Rb9-3_Gb9_Bb8_BTR_zoom.jpg (15065 bytes)   I03814002RDR_Rb9-5_Gb5_Bb3_Rb9-3_Gb9_Bb8_BTR_zoom_labeled.jpg (15810 bytes)


I03814002RDR_Rb3_Gb9_Bb3-7_Rb3_Gb5_Bb9-6_Rb3_Gb5_Bb9-4_zoom.jpg (14641 bytes)     I03814002RDR_Rb3_Gb9_Bb3-7_Rb3_Gb5_Bb9-6_Rb3_Gb5_Bb9-4_zoom_labled.jpg (15746 bytes)


Now the Animation:

NIGHT_IR_QUBE_FACE.gif (1293731 bytes)


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