How can we justify going to Mars?

All too true is that the vast masses of souls on Earth have their focus on the path of their daily lives lying there between their toes.  It takes LOTS of carnage on TV news to get them even to peek up and around at the rest of the world all around them, much less have the curiosity or the inclination to look up into the stars at night and go   Wow…I wonder…

Many American souls think of space scientists as pocket protector nerds playing with half-billion tonka trucks that either don’t work at all, don’t work right, or don’t work for very long. [yes I KNOW Pathfinder-but MCO n MPL 2 so…]  Like many others, I’ve said before that ALL Space enthusiasts must become less acrimonious with each other, for we ALL want the same thing.  To get US, you n me, humans…out there, in ever larger numbers.  

We must work together to find a way to ‘justify’ a way to get humans to Mars, and BEFORE the end of THIS decade!  IT CAN BE DONE !  So many others say, and so many STILL believe, that the ONLY way humanity will get there is through a government funded effort  through taxes on the back of Joe n Jane 6 pack.  It doesn’t HAVE to be that way.  The Undroit Convention makes it possible for COMMERCIAL enterprises to be funded based on equity of equipment when completed.  CATS is POSSIBLE We merely have to find a few billionaires WILLING to start the process by putting forth relatively little funding as seed buck-a-roos to begin building the hardware to get us there.  Which billionaire wants to be the FIRST MODERN HUMAN to land on Mars?  Mr. Tito, care to step forward, once more into the breech?

If it were possible for our Department of Defense contractors to commercialize the very BEST of their efforts to customers OTHER than the DOD, Space commercialization and Space Tourism would become a reality in THIS decade for THIS generation.  We have the know-how, we have the financing outlined, we have the few dedicated dreamers and pioneers [ THANK YOU MR. TITO ! AND THANK YOU PEOPLES OF RUSSIA ! ! ! ].  But do we have the collective will power to take the leap from the cradle and to once more walk among the stars? 

Besides…there’s STILL a Smoking Pyramid in Cydonia…and ya know what?

 It's STILL Smokin'...

That alone should qualify Cydonia as a PRIMARY landing site for one of the 2003 Mars Rovers.  In addition to the ever lingering questions many people will STILL have about the mesa that is, in reality, waiting to be named as either...

The Martian Mount Rushmore...or Martian Mount Faceless.

Which Billionaire around the world would like to be the first to take a hike to the top?  And from the top, could they discern which name would apply?  Who wants to try?

I see all the pieces to get us there laying out there in the world.  Who has the cajones or ovaries to step forward and commit themselves to taking a hike on that enigmatic hill, and to take a sample of that vaporous emanations from a hole in the side of a Pyramid shaped hill?

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