Revisiting Pathfinder



The above image has many interesting things that are CLEARLY seen to be strange things to find on a planet that has been thought to be, according to the 'established' scientific textbooks to a dead n dry n dusty dune of a place that is too cold to support life.  Yet Pathfinder data showed that for the first foot or so above the soil the air temperature was a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit!  WOW! 

I have drawn arrows onto this image which is AS IS from NASA/UNIV AZ Dr. Peter Smith was Principle Investigator who allowed his images to be posted to the WWW as he and the team did them, NOT as currently with the MGS MOC and Dr. Malin.  One should also NOT have to ZOOM beyond 3:1 at MOST to see the best of these, and that's only for the small bottle under YOGI.  I think YOGI has the most interesting items in this whole picture.

At the top left is a + enclosed within a circle fossilized into the rock.  In the bottom right of YOGI appears to be the remains of a fossilized bottle, or worm/snake like creature.  There is a bottle with a thin neck and a pyramid shaped toy in the mid right of the image.  On the bottom right, just above the airbags is a pentagon/hexagon type object that I have not drawn an arrow to but I think has a possibility to be some type of artifact also. 

In looking at this image I was struck by a human thought, gee the Martians litter too.  Maybe Earthlings really ARE Martians after all.

What's your thoughts? 

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