Secret History of the USA


This set of pages have been resurrected from the ashes the hagiographers tried banning or maybe the Universe simply unfolded so that some type of chaotic entropy caused this enlightening collection of information to be lost forever from the www some time back.  I had gotten into a habit of saving and archiving to CD the most interesting, to me anyway, things I came across in building an intranet for teaching purposes when I taught at Clinton Community College from 1993 to 2001 before I was fired over my website's pursuit of acquiring HONEST data of the Cydonia Mensae Face on Mars.  This in spite of already having the SIGNED permission of the President of the college to do this!  See Broken Promises for more info on that.

Because of my passion for teaching in the 8 years I was doing it I collected and re-built sites for on-campus use in teaching the Internet for the first 5 years when the campus did NOT have www access.  In this manner a student could 'experience' the Internet without actually being on it.  I could cover plug-ins, saving imgs n text in  specialized folders, ftping and a host of other things.  Here is one such site that was lost from the www and is now re-presented here.

The original author was Robert M. Taylor the contact information which was on the site no longer works.

His Secret History of the United States.

Since this is being re-upped to the www on the American Memorial Day Holiday weekend 2001 I wish to state some thoughts as to why this, and why now.  

I enlisted in the US Army and received an Honorable Medical Discharge, my father, and his father all served our country, The United States of America.  I know the strongest defense against aggression is to have an overwhelming offensive capability that you hope to Creation you never have to use.  

What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee.
 --  Marcus Aurelius

Governing the populace of any sized 'group' has been the most successful in creating the highest standard of living for that populace using methodologies  based on the accounting equation.  The United States has been, and remains, the staunchest and strongest champion of this methodology on the planet.  Some of its foreign policy, as well as domestic policy, has been directly tied to the betterment of those who support, and benefit from, that accounting equation.  'It really IS the economy stupid.'


There are times when 'secretive action' must be taken to protect the interests of, or to promote the seeds of, those who also wish to aspire to the standard of living the accounting equation can bestow upon the societal interactions and standard of living for that particular group.  In this case the interests of The United States of America.  In many of those times when American patriots' lives are put at risk for missions that may be just as important as any other military mission; but their involvement can never be acknowledged for a host of reasons, of which politics is but one.  


Especially in the news this weekend is the story of the commanders at Pearl Harbor, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Lt. Gen. C. Walter Short who have been cast by the hagiographers as the 'villains'  of that attack; when in BRUTAL TRUTHFUL reality, they had been denied, for whatever reasons, CRUCIAL intelligence that parts of our government had WELL BEFORE the attack.  


It is for all the names that will never go on a wall, on a medal's certificate, or spoken aloud by an official in recognition of the supreme sacrifice they had made to further the root core of the success of America.  Individual Freedom.  Freedom to choose our own rulers without having to raise an army or riot in the streets.  Like all things and endeavors undertaken by humans, the American way is not perfect.  But in reality it IS the best way to govern a populace to produce the highest standard of living for more individuals than any other, it produces the funds to achieve any great undertaking we wish to collectively support ( Apollo ), and it produced the greatest military power the human species has seen in the current model of modern history.  We ARE good at what we do most of the time.  This rebuilding is meant to HONOR those Americans who followed the orders and put their lives at risk to protect your way of life, and to promote that ideal elsewhere and help others achieve what we have.

I have no comments as to the rightness-wrongness of any individual event set forth in this collection.  I just feel that the men and women who may have carried out the orders deserve to be recognized that, in all probability, believed they were doing it for all the right reasons.  And they too, along with those public soldiers, deserve to be remembered and respected. 

'nuff said.

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