The Secret History of the United States


...one of the Rio [CIA] station's main political-action operations [in Brazil] ...spent during the 1962 electoral campaign at least the equivalent of some twelve million dollars financing anti-communist candidates,and possibly as much as twenty million.
Inside the Company : CIA Diary - Philip Agee p.325

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By early 1962, Brazilian military commanders had notified Kennedy's Ambassador, Lincoln Gordon, that they were organizing a coup. At JFK's personal initiative, the US began to lend clandestine and overt support to right-wing political candidates.
Year 501 Noam Chomsky

Another example was President Kennedy's belated discovery that the CIA, at an eventual cost of around half a million dollars, had chemically contaminated part of a cargo of Cuban sugar that was bound for the Soviet Union.
Under Cover : Thirty-Five Years of CIA Deception - Darell Garwood

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Operation Mongoose attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro
documents on Operation Mongoose from National Security Archives

For thirteen days in October 1962 the world stood at the precipice of destruction as the United States and its enemy, the Soviet Union, fought a battle of wills and words. Never before, and never since, had the threat of nuclear war loomed as large.
20th Century America - Millennium 2000 p.79
The Cuban Missile Crisis : A Chronology of Events from The National Security Archive

Lyndon Johnson's position as Vice President at that time shielded him from possible criminal indictments on charges ranging from the acceptance of political graft to conspiracy to commit murder. His association with Bobby Baker had exposed his Mafia connections and ongoing friendships with those individuals targeted by the Attornet General as key criminal figures in his war on organized crime.
First Hand Knowledge - Robert D. Morrow p.199

In 1962, direct-energy weapons were discovered by accident when an Air Force/Atomic Energy Commission nuclear test exploded a thermonuclear device at high altitude. Code-named Starfish, the test almost caused a major disaster, for it spewed out a vast stream of high-energy electrons into space, damaging several satellites.
Warriors of the Night - Ernest Volkman p.311

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In 1962, the United States attacked South Vietnam. In that year, President Kennedy sent the United States Air Force to attack rural South Vietnam, where more than 80 percent of the population lived, as part of a program intended to drive several million people to concentration camps (called "strategic hamlets")...
The Chomsky Reader - Noam Chomsky p.224

By 1962, Kennedy's war had far surpassed the French war at its peak in helicopters and aerial fire power. As for personnel, France had 20,000 nationals fighting in all of Indochina in 1949 (US force levels reached 16,700 under JFK), increasing to 57,000 at the peak. Kennedy's aggression was no secret. In March 1962, US officials announced publicly that US pilots were engaged in combat missions (bombing and strafing).
Rethinking Camelot Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky's article on JFK's policies in Vietnam A Date which does not Live in Infamy

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