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It's kind of interesting to look at the Pentagon Papers,which show that in all this elaborate discussion of just how to carry out the bombing of North Vietnam and how to fine tune it, etc., there's virtually nothing about the bombing of South Vietnam, which was much heavier. In 1965 three times the scale of the bombing of the North, and it continued to be much heavier, much more vicious.
Chronicles of Dissent - Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian p.316
Ben Bagdikian: The Pentagon Papers from Columbia Journalism Review

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torture rooms in Uraguay supervised by CIA
CIA Diary - Phillip Agee

Although it has never officially confirmed the finding, the Central Intelligence Agency has indicated that 200 pounds of enriched uranium that disappeared in 1965 from a Nuclear Material and Engineering Corporation plant at Apollo, Pa., were somehow diverted to Israel.
Radwaste - Fred C. Shapiro

Halperin recalls a National Security Council meeting in May 1969 to discuss new intelligence on Israel's capacity to manufacture nuclear weapons. -The meeting dealt with CIA and FBI evidence that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, had been responsible sometime in the mid-1960s for diverting highly enriched uranium from a private company, the Nuclear Materials and Equipments Corporation, in Apollo, Pennsylvania.
The Price of Power - Seymour M. Hersh p.85

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...on August 6, 1965, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law. In ensuing years, the black voter registration gains it made possible and the discriminatory election techniques it voided allowed black southerners in many small towns and rural counties to enjoy meaningful participation and representation in the American electoral process for the first time in their lives.
Bridge to Freedom - David J. Garrow -The Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader p.208

We now know from revelations of the Church Committee in the mid 1970's and subsequent investigations into Malcolm's assassination that his death was indirectly caused by the FBI. In 1969, four years after Malcolm's assassination, the FBI took credit for it and called it the result of its successful stimulation of the feud between Malcolm and Elijah Muhammed.
p.382 My Life As a Radical Lawyer - William M. Kunstler

Malcolm X was supposedly murdered by former colleagues in the NoI as a result of the faction-fighting which had led to his splitting away from that movement, and their "natural wrath" at his establishment of a competing entity. However, as the accompanying January 22, 1969 memo from the SAC, Chicago, to the Director makes clear, the NoI factionalism at issue didn't "just happen." Rather, it had "been developed" by deliberate Bureau actions - through infiltration and the "sparking of acrimonious debates within the organization," rumor-mongering, and other tactics designed to foster internal disputes - which were always the standard fare of COINTELPRO.
The COINTELPRO Papers - Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall p.103

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A CIA study of the 1965 Indonesian operation remains secret. Former CIA agent Ralph McGehee, who was custodian of that study but is not permitted to discuss it, states that on the basis of that study "I know the specific steps the agency took to create the conditions that led to the massacre of at least half a million Indonesians."
The Chomsky Reader - Noam Chomsky p.305

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara took particular pride in that fact, informing LBJ that US military assistance to the Indonesian army had "encouraged it" to undertake the useful slaughter "when the opportunity was presented." Particularly valuable, McNamara said, was the program that brought Indonesian military personnel to the United States for training at universities.
from Democracy Enhancement Noam Chomsky

The Year of Dangerous Reporting: Indonesia Bloodbath New York Times Whitewash - EXTRA!
Noam Chomsky from Year 501

In 1965, there was a coup by liberal, reformist officers, a constitutionalist coup, which threatened to restore democracy in the Dominican Republic, so we intervened again. This time we simply sent troops. A bloody and destructive war took place, many thousands of people were killed, and we again succeeded in establishing a terror-and-tortue regime. The country was also, incidentally, brought totally within the grip of the U.S. corporations. The Dominican Republic was virtually bought up by Gulf & Western and other corporations after the coup.
The Chomsky Reader - Noam Chomsky p.333

History of the Dominican Republic

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