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As I left the city, my mind wanderded back to the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. In order to keep the games going and not embarass Mexico in front of the world, the army was ordered by the then minister of the interior to fire upon thousands of demonstrating students. They were cut down by the score in the Plaza Tlaltelolco in downtown Mexico City.
In those days, the international media were not as open or aggresive as they are today. They reported around fifty or sixty deaths when in fact more than one thousand students actually perished.
The Pena Files: One Man's War Against Federal Corruption and the Abuse of Power p.88

Black Panther Bobby Seale wanted nothing to do with the defense layers, claiming that he deserved his usual attorney. Eventually the court agreed, but before the Chicago 8 became the Chicago 7, Seale called the judge "a blatant racist," shouted insults at the prosecutor, and the judge ordered him shackled and gagged.
It was the first time in years an American had been gagged in court, and to many activists it was fitting: a black man in a white man's court chained to his chair for shouting his views.
The Movement and the Sixties - Terry H. Anderson p. 227
Bobby Seale's Homepage Black Panther Party Founder

1968 Democratic National Convention Photo Gallery Chicago Tribune

Such ELSURS and informant activity vis `a vis SDS was an integral part of a more generalized FBI "political intelligence" emphasis during the period 1964-68 which saw the installation of more than 800 wiretaps and some 700 bugs (facilitated by at least 150 surreptitious entries), and an unknown number of informants and infiltrators, all utilized in "non-criminal investigations."
The COINTELPRO Papers - Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall p.166
COINTELPRO and Democracy By Jason Wehling

the Civil Rights Act of 1968 eliminated discrimination in housing.
20th Century America - Millennium 2000 p.83

more on civil rights1969

In 1968 a B-52 crashed and burned near Thile Air Force Base in Greenland. The bomber carried four nuclear weapons, all of which were destroyed by fire. During a four-month operation 237,000 cubic feet of radioactively contaminated ice, snow, and water were removed to an approved storage site in the United States.
Russian Roulette - Arthur Macy Cox p.4

more on nuclear1969

Copenhaen, Denmark - The Danish government will pay Danes and Greenlanders $14 million in compensation for the 1968 crash of a U.S. nuclear bomber in Greenland, officials said Friday....Danes and Greenlanders helped the U.S. Air Force clean up the radioactive wreckage.
October 14, 1995 - Associated Press

Most of the senior Nixon advisers were convinced that Nixon's chance to become President hinged on Vietnam and the issues associated with it. One adviser, Bryce N. Harlow, a former speech writer and aide in the Eisenhower Administration, had already established liaison with a high official inside the Johnson White House, who was ready and willing to supply information about any last-ditch administration plans to settle the war. And clandestine contact had been made with President Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam, in a carefully concealed effort to discourage him from participating in any peace talks prior to the election.
The Price of Power - Seymour M. Hersh p.11

There is little doubt that during the final stages of the campaign Anna Chennault passed on a "very important" message from the Nixon camp that was intended to dissuade Thieu from agreeing to attend the Paris peace talks until after the election. According to Clifford, "President Johnson, although furious at Mrs. Chennault, decided not to use the information or make it public in any way."
For the President's Eyes Only - Christopher Andrew p.349

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[Hughes] Soon he would pass $50,000 to Nixon through Governor Laxalt and a second $50,000 to Humphrey through Dwayne Andreas, a longtime backer who had no official role in the campaign but handled the "sensitive" contributions.
Citizen Hughes - Michael Drosnin p.265

"hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Greek KYP, directly subsidized by the CIA, was being laundered through Pappas for the Nixon campaign."...It was not until 1976, however, that the House Intelligence Committee was able to confirm Demetracopoulos' allegations against Pappas. It received sworn evidence from Henry J. Tasca, a career Foreign Service officer who had been Nixon's Ambassador to Greece, that in 1968 Pappas had served as a conduit for campaign funds from the Greek government to the Nixon campaign.
The Price of Power - Seymour M. Hersh p.138

On March 16, some 570 South Vietnamese civilians were slaughtered in Mylai by the U.S. military.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.201

My Lai was part of a major operation, Operation Wheeler Wallawa, which killed nobody knows how many thousands or tens of thousands of people in real massacres.
Chronicles of Dissent - Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian p.322

riots - Prague, Czeckoslavakia

Paris General Strikes

In May, 1968, thousands of students occupied the Universities of Paris and fought pitched street battles with police, to protest the quality of modem life and the role of the university in society. Unlike the student movement in the United States, the French movement lept class boundaries...
Factory occupations spread throughout the provinces and grew into a general wildcat strike of 12 million workers, taking over key sections of the economy and reaching every sector of public life.
French Students and Workers Disrupt 1968 with RealAudio from Sonarchy

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