The Secret History of the United States


In February 1972 the Navy knew that a Soviet Hotel-class nuclear submarine was hovering just below the surface for three weeks during a terrible Atlantic storm. And they knew that the ship had a major radiation leak, which had contaminated most of the vessel. A short while later the Navy learned that twelve Russian sailors were locked for three weeks in the contaminated portion of the ship before they were rescued. Eventually the Navy learned that twenty-eight men died.
Fall from Grace - Gregory L. Vistica p.56

[Clean Water Act 1972]Gregg Easterbrook, a Newsweek reporter who has written extensively on the environment, has described our water success this way: "Around 1970, the Great Lakes, Puget Sound, Chesapeake Bay, the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the harbors of Boston, New York, and San Diego, the Charles, Chicago, [and]Potomac [rivers] were pronounced 'dead' or facing mortality. Today these water bodies are biologically vibrant and showing annual improvement."
We're Right, They're Wrong - James Carville p.17

Even before the constitutional convention was aborted by the Marcos coup of 1972, charges had been made that U.S.-AID and the CIA were training Philippine police under the public safety program "for eventual para-military and counterinsurgency operations as part of a global programme designed to militarize and 'merenarize' the police forces of client states."
The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism - Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman p.239

Philippines - History World Travel Guide

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Of the seven original Watergate burglars, all but two had worked for the CIA. The exceptions were G. Gordon Liddy, who had been an FBI agent, and Virgilio Gonzales, the Watergate team's locksmith.

Exhibit: Nixon and Watergate from the National Archives and Records Administration

June 17 - second break-in Democratic National Committee

June 20 - 18 minute gap in Nixon tape

CIA Director Helms's destruction of tapes and records pertaining to the CIA's "mind control experiments" - which included tape-recorded encounters between agency-supported prostitutes and their clients - was probably not unrelated to Watergate (as, indeed, the House Armed Servicees Committee suspected). Unfortunately, the destruction of those records makes it unlikely that the CIA's activities, at the Columbia Plaza and at the Mullen Company, will ever be completely understood.
Secret Agenda - Jim Hougan p.333

When Walter Cronkite tried to do an extraordinary, two-part series on Watergate on the "CBS-TV Evening News," before the election, a phone call from the Nixon White House to Bill Paley, a chair of CBS, resulted in Cronkite's scheduled program being reduced.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.206

Prior to his death in 1972, James Angleton, a man I once met in General Cabell's office, confided to me that Nixon had arranged a deal with Gerald Ford. If Ford fulfilled two conditions after Nixon's resignation, Nixon would make Ford president. The conditions were a pardon for Nixon and a promise that he make sure any information held by the CIA concerning Nixon's involvement with the CIA/anti-Castro operations - specifically Operation Forty - would be actively concealed.
p.296 First Hand Knowledge - Robert D. Morrow
There's a mention of Operation Forty in The Kennedy Assassination: The Nixon- Bush Connection by Paul Kangas at WWW Virtual Library sumeria/politics

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On December 17, 1972 the New York Times revealed that the CIA had secretly provided training to fourteen New York City policeman.
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence - Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks p.187

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