The Secret History of the United States


More than two million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos, mostly on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, from 1965 to 1973. This bombing, and various other operations by the CIA and Special Forces against the Communist Pathet Lao, was kept secret from the American public until late 1969.
Senseless Secrets - Lt. Col. (Ret.) Michael Lee Lanning p.262

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Nixon talked of resigning much earlier
WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than a year before he was forced out of office, a downcast Richard Nixon, battered by Watergate disclosures, talked about resigning the presidency, according to White House tapes made public today...
In the 1973 telephone conversation, Haig told Nixon that if he resigned it would let down his supporters.
``Yeah,'' said the president, ``but they're such a small group, Al.''...
The exchange was included among 201 hours of tape that the government released for public hearing, a rich vein of information for historians and Watergate addicts...
Today's release was the first of five planned. Included in the 201 hours were 1,900 segments from 931 conversations, ranging from snippets to hours-long discussions.
Posted 18-Nov-96 09:57 San Jose Mercury News

[Watergate Indictment] It listed a series of covert acts, including attempts to obstruct the FBI and the CIA, which culminated in the payment of $75,000 on the evening of March 21 to Howard Hunt's lawyer.
The Final Days - Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein p.122

November 17 -"I am not a crook." - Richard Nixon

So when Haldeman, at Nixon's behest, had told Helms, "It's likely to blow the whole Bay of Pigs" he had really been - he came to believe - 'reminding' Helms, not so gently, of the cover-up of CIA assassination attempts on the hero of the Bay of Pigs, Fidel Castro - a CIA operation that may have triggered the Kennedy assassination and which Helms desperately wanted to hide.
Wedge - Mark Riebling p.309

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The last time we were at DEFCON 3 was in the closing hours of the 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict, the Yom Kippur War. The Soviet Union wanted the United States to call for a joint dispatch of U.S. and Soviet troops to the battlefront to enforce a cease-fire. The U.S. balked. Soviet leaders threatened to move their troops unilaterally. On October 24, 1973, at 10:40 P.M., the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, convened an urgent meeting in the White House basement. The Secretary of Defense, the director of Central Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was there. The President was not. Richard Nixon was incapacitated with drink and anger following the Saturday Night Massacre, his firing of the Watergate special prosecuter and Justice Department officials. The White House chief of staff, Alexander Haig, told Kissinger that the President was "too distraught" to function. There was no Vice-President: Spiro Agnew had resigned facing criminal indictment. No one disturbed the President. Just before midnight, the men in the White House basement took the United Sates to DEFCON 3. Within twenty-four hours Kissinger decided the Soviet threat was a "big bluff," and the alerted forces stood down.
p.53 Blank Check - Tim Weiner

In June, 1973, Hanford officials detected a leak in tank 106-T the largest leak so far. About 115,000 gallons escaped engineering control, raising serious questions about the AEC's ability to detect leaks in a timely fashion. An estimated fifty-one days of steady leaking ocurred before the 106-T spill was discovered.
Nukespeak - Gilette

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..it wasn't until 1973 that manufacturers stopped putting mercury in cosmetics, hair tonics, and soaps, and the remains of many of these products may still be leeching out of the landfills where they were buried years ago.
Our Endangered Earth - John Langone

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