The Secret History of the United States


On April 28, 1976, following a 15-month examination of government spying in the United States, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence finally issued its findings. Aside from numerous abuses from agencies such as the CIA, the IRS and Army Intelligence, the investigation uncovered massive violations of citizens' rights by the FBI. This investigation found the FBI responsible for cataloging at least 26,000 individuals who would be rounded up in the event of a "national emergency"; since the early 1930's, the FBI frequently wiretapped and bugged American citizens without the benefit of judicial warrant; manipulating the media by disseminating derogatory information to the press, either anonymously or through "friendly" news contacts; and, the FBI was involved in fomenting violence against various left-wing groups.
COINTELPRO and Democracy - By Jason Wehling

Large-scale CIA interference in Italian politics had been public knowledge since the congressional Pike Report was leaked in 1976, citing a subsidy of over $65 million to approved political parties and affiliates from 1948 through the early 1970s. In 1976, the Aldo Moro government fell in Italy after revelations that the CIA had spent $6 million to support anti-Communist candidates.
Deterring Democracy - Noam Chomsky p. 332

Four years after J. Edgar Hoover's death, the supposedly reformed bureau tried to sabotage [Andrew] Young's run for Congress. Other intelligence community bureaucracies demonstrated an interest after Young won election. "In the freshman orientation...one of the things you are told," he noted, "is that there are seven agencies that keep files on private lives of Congressmen."
Nixon's Piano - Kenneth O'Reilly p.323

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When he went on vacation, "Carter did not want the nuclear football at Plains," a Secret Service agent said. "There was no place to stay in Plains. The military wanted a trailer there. He [Carter] didn't want that. So the military aide who carries the football had to stay in Americus," ten miles away.
"He just didn't want the trailer on his property. It is shocking."
In the event of a nuclear attack, the agent said, Carter could not have launched a counterattack by calling the aide in Americus.
Inside The White House - Ronald Kessler p.90

military coup in Argentina

He [Rodolfo Walsh] estimated that in the "savage" reign of terror "since the [Argentine] coup 15,000 people are missing without a trace, 10,000 are political prisoners, and tens of thousands are in exile..."
The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism - Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman p. 266

Most bodies were never recovered. At EMSA, most bodies were initially buried under the sports field. When this was all filled up, the bodies were burned daily (as in the "night and fog" campaign), usually after having been cut up. After a while, aerial disposal at sea became the preferred method. By learning the currents, they were able to dispose of the bodies without having them wash up on shore.
from The Dirty War: Human Rights Violations In Argentina, 1976-1983 by Rob Bilson

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In 1976 two workers were killed at the Jaslovske Bohunice nuclear plant in Czechoslovakia. A safety valve failed and they were doused with radioactive coolant. The Czech authorities refused to acknowledge the deaths until 1980.
The Nuclear Barons - Peter Pringle and James Spigelman p.361

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George Herbert Walker Bush appointed Director of CIA

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