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South Africa conducts nuclear test - The Nuclear Barons

President Frederik W. de Klerk confirmed long-held suspicions about South Africa's nuclear capability Wednesday as he disclosed that the white-minority government had built six nuclear bombs since the late 1970s. But, three years ago, he said, they were destroyed along with all of their blueprints.Thursday, March 25, 1993 The Roanoke Times

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January 21 Carter's first day in office

India tried to send, in 1977, one hundred buffalo, a very small number, to Vietnam to replenish these losses. We tried to block it by threatening to cancel Food for Peace aid to India if they sent the hundred buffalo. The Mennonites in the United States tried to send pencils to Cambodia; again the State Department tried to block it. They also tried to send shovels to Laos to dig up the unexploded ordnance.
The Chomsky Reader - Noam Chomsky p.326

Carter, incidentally, once explained in a news conference what he was up to. This was in 1977, when he was giving one of his sermons about human rights. He was asked what about Vietnam? And he said that we owe Vietnam no debt because the destruction was mutual."
The Chomsky Reader - Noam Chomsky p.326

The profits-over-human consideration was clearly evident in Ford's reluctance to change the design of the Pinto as fatalities and injuries occurred because of the faulty gas tank. Although the company calculated that it would cost only $11 to make each car safe, it decided that this was too costly. Ford reasoned that 180 burn deaths, 180 serious burn injuries, and 2,100 burned vehicles would cost $49.5 million (each death was figured at $200,000). But doing a recall of all Pintos and making each $11 repair would amount to $137 million.
Elite Deviance - David R. Simon & D. Stanley Eitzen p.123

Of course, the public eventually learned that the Pinto had a tendency to explode in rear-end collisions, and victims and their families sued the company. Jurors were outraged over Ford's low value of human life and awarded the victims huge settlements. However, the final shocker came when Ford actually got around to fixing the flawed gas tanks. It turns out that the "cost-benefit analysis" that Ford submitted to the government was entirely bogus: the cost of fixing each car was not $11, but merely one dollar.
from The Exploding Ford Pinto

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