The Secret History of the United States


3,000 Nicaraguans killed by National Guard under Somoza

Deterring Democracy Noam Chomsky on Somoza

more on Nicaragua1981

The Carter administration flew [National] Guard commanders out of the country in planes with Red Cross markings (a war crime) and began to reconstitute the Guard on Nicaragua's borders.
What Uncle Sam Wants - Noam Chomsky p.41

Jonestown massacre

In the age of Operation Chaos, the FBI and CIA would have been all over a communist revolutionary like the Reverend Jim Jones, who claimed to be "the dual reincarnation of Christ and Marx," and whose People's Temple offered daily training in guerilla warfare. That much the U.S. government knew from Jones' chief radio operator, Mike Carter, who had defected from the cult in 1977, after serving as a courier between Jones and the Soviet Embassy in Guyana. But neither the CIA nor FBI would investigate Jones overseas. Restrictions on the coverage of Americans had caused CIA to believe that Jonestown was the province of the FBI, and the Bureau to believe it was Agency turf.
Wedge - Mark Riebling 9.336

...the CIA instructed the Shah's [Iran] secret police in torture techniques devised by the Nazis, with the help of Israeli specialists.
The Culture of Terrorism - Noam Chomsky p.174

more on Iran1982

A 1990 study by the Massachussetts Department of Public Health revealed that failed fuel rods at Boston Edison's Pilgrim plant regularly released radioactivity into the atmosphere between 1972 and 1979.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.84

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