The Secret History of the United States


President Reagan's Executive Order 12356, issued in 1982, slowed down the declassification process and access to information. The order eliminated previous requirements that government officials must consider the public's right to know before declassifying documents, and that classification must be based on "identifiable" potential damage to the national security.
Dangerous Dossiers - Herbert Mitgang p.35

It's been going on so long that Senate investigatots viiting Panama in late 1982 reported it had become "common knowledge" that Noriega's National Guard "has ties to and income from various traffickers in drugs, arms, and other contraband, as well as fugitives...." Furthermore, the Guard "provides warehousing for narcotics on their way north..."
The Underground Empire - James Mills p.1132

In early 1982, he [Reagan] claimed there were a million more Americans at work than when he took office, when in fact there were 100,000 fewer.
The Power Game - Hedrick Smith p.428

In March or April 1982 Leslie Gelb of the New York Times had a front-page story in which he described the arms flow to Iran. He said that about 50 percent of it is coming from Israel with much of the rest from private arms merchants with Israeli connections...The Israeli ambassador to the United States said openly in 1982 that Israel was supplying arms to Iran in coordination with the U.S. government at "almost the highest of levels," in his words, and the purpose again was to try to carry out a military coup.
Chronicles of Dissent - Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian p.134

Bandar had acted as middleman between Iraq and CIA director William J. Casey so Iraq could obtain highly classified satellite information about Iranian troop movements during the war.
The Commanders - Bob Woodward p.203

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President Reagan signed a top-secret finding authorizing the $10 million covert aid to Bashir's [Lebanese Christian] militia.
Veil - Bob Woodward p.223

Pentagon figures "reveal a massive surge of military supplies from the United States to Israel in the first three months of[1982]-as Israel planned the invasion of Lebanon," plans that were perfectly evident, as already noted. Delivery of military goods was almost 50% greater than in the preceding year, including equipment efeectively used in Lebanon.
The Fateful Triangle - Noam Chomsky p.214

The assassination [of Bashir Gemayel] was the first in a chain of calamitous events. Within two days, Israeli forces allowed Phalangist units to enter Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut on a mission of revenge. The names of two of these camps, Sabra and Shatilla, would become a part of the history of massacre. Israeli intelligence calculated that there were 700 to 800 Palestinian victims, many of them women and children.
Veil - Bob Woodward p.240

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During a screening of the film E.T. at the White House in the summer of 1982, President Reagan is reported to have whispered to producer Steven Spielberg: "There are probably only six people in this room who know how true this is."
Alien Contact - Timothy Good p.81

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