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250 Marines killed in Lebanon

A Syrian intelligence lieutenant colonel was believed to have been involved in planning the attack ... He was a key figure in the militant Shiite movement, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah.
Veil - Bob Woodward p.321

In their effort to rally support for the invasion, American officials had not disclosed that the military regime in Grenada had offered to allow the United States to evacuate the students...The enemy would be mostly Cuban construction workers in Grenada.
Warriors of Disinformation -Alvin A. Snyder p.78

Grenada Invasion Ranger History Page

When the resulting offensive began in September 1983, the Sandinistas were startled to see that the contras had suddenly acquired a well-equipped navy and air force. CIA "Q-boats" sped into Nicaragua's harbors and set fuel tanks ablaze. At least one battle drew a U.S.-crewed CIA helicopter into direct combat with Sandinista gunners. Other CIA helicopters strafed Sandinista positions to support contra troops on the ground. A contra-piloted Cessna tried to bomb the military airfield at Managua International Airport but crashed into the passenger terminal, inflicting embarassing civilian casualties.
Landslide - Jane Mayer and Doyle McManus p.72

more on contras1984

The second-in-command of El Salvador's intelligence apparatus, for example, was Robert D'Aubuisson, who also happened to be head of the UGB (White Warriors Union), the country's most notorious death squad. D'Aubuisson himself was a notorious torturer, who took special delight in personally carving up victims with a knife. His reputation had deservedly earned the condemnation of former American Ambassador Robert White who had called him a "psychopathic killer."
Warriors of the Night - Ernest Volkman p.353

U.S., aware of killings, worked with Salvador's rightists by Clifford Krauss The New York Times

Between 1979 and 1983, some 40,000 civilians were killed largely by government-supported right-wing death squads, and 20 percent of the Salvadoran population (800,000 people) became refugees.
Elite Deviance - David R. Simon and D. Stanley Eitzen p. 200

CIA training manual The Human Resource Exploitation and Training Manual -- 1983 from Mother Jones

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