The Secret History of the United States


By 1982 the voter registration drive had led to black majorities in commissions and school boards in five counties, and in 1984 Jackson received more than 70 percent of the Alabama black belt vote in the presidential primaries. That autumn some fifty FBI agents visited the homes or job sites of nearly a thousand newly registered voters and then shipped busloads under armed guards to Mobile where they were questioned by a grand jury. Other blacks were taken to Birmingham where they were fingerprinted and photographed.
Nixon's Piano - Kenneth O'Reilly p.374

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At a banquet in Zia's honor Bush heaped praise on the general's antinarcotics program, declaring that drug control was a matter of "personal interest" to him and that Pakistan's efforts to control the drug trade were exemplary. Presumably Bush was also informed enough to know that by this time Pakistan was distributing 70 percent of the world's supply of heroin.
The Outlaw Bank : BCCI - Jonathan Beaty & S.C. Gwynne p.317

In 1979 Pakistan had a small localized opium trade and produced no heroin whatsoever. Yet by 1981, according to U.S. Attorney General William French Smith, Pakistan had emerged as the world's leading supplier of heroin. It became the supplier of 60% of U.S. heroin supply and it captured a comparable section of the European market.
Interview with Alfred McCoy by Paul DeRienzo

In November 1984, two years after Reagan announced his "bold, confident plan" promising to "be on the tail" of drug traffickers, cocaine imports had jumped 50 percent and heroin was more plentiful than at any other time since the late 1970s. An estimated sixty-three tons of cocaine glutted the U.S. market in 1984, slashing the price by half.
The Underground Empire - James Mills p.1125

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In addition, the CIA supplied information to Iraq to aid the country in its war with Iran. The CIA secretly supllied Iraq with detailed intelligence to assist with Iraqi bombimg raids on Iran's oil terminals and power plants. In 1984, whem some feared that Iran might overrun Iraq, the United States began supplying Iraq with intelligence that reportefly enabled Iraq to calibrate mustard gas attacks on Iranian ground troops.
The U.S. Intelligence Community - Jeffrey T. Richelson p.356

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Bank deposits also linked Syria to terrorist plots, revealing that all of the moderate Arab states were paying what amounted to Mafia-style protection fees to ward off any Nidal attacks. Sheik Zayed himself, who had more-or-less financed the making of BCCI, paid Abu Nidal $17 million in protection fees in 1984 alone.
When the Eagle Screams - Stephen Bowman p.49

In October 1984, with a presidential election approaching and Congress stalemated over the aid issue, the lawmakers in the House and Senate passed the second Boland amendment. It said that the CIA, the Defense Department and "any other agency or entity of the United States" involved in "intelligence activities" were forbidden to spend money to support, "directly or indirectly, military or paramilitary operations in Nicaragua..."
Scandal - Suzanne Garment p.201

CIA mines Nicaraguan harbor

The memo stated that the CIA had played a direct role in placing underwater mines in three Nicaraguan harbors. This according to the memo all had been done by " unilaterally controlled Latino assets"
Veil - Bob Woodward p.361

Barry Goldwater, then Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, hotly protested that Casey had never informed his committee of plans for the harbor mining, though that was required by law..."This is an act violating international law. It is an act of war. For the life of me, I don't see how we are going to explain it."
The Power Game - Hedrick Smith p.47

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It was as if Thatcher and Reagan had adopted a keynote of situationist theory : abundance is dangerous to power, and privation, if carefully managed, is safe. A mammoth debt encourages fear, which is never revolutionary; a high level of unemployment ensures a ready pool of strike breakers, translates the curse of a bad job into a blessing.
Lipstick Traces - Greil Marcus

Number of human deaths possible from one pound of plutonium if finely ground up and inhaled:
1984 U.S. plutonium inventory in pounds:
These numbers multiplied together
-Science Digest July 1984

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When military experts testified in the 1984 case against white supremacists who were about to dump two hundred gallons of cyanide into the water supply of either Chicago, New York, or Washington, D.C., the experts predicted that at the least four hundred thousand persons would have been killed in any one of those cities.
When the Eagle Screams - Stephen Bowman p.142

In early 1984, the United States Air Force illegally seized eighty-nine thousand acres of public land, known as the Groom Range in order to further restrict access to Area 51. The decision to control access was made after consultation with local Bureau of Land Management officials and after USAF Headquarters had conferred with the Air Force Secretariat.
August 1984 hearings House Subcommitte on Lands and National Parks in the House
Sieberling: Is it true that the Air Force has already acted to restrict public use of the Groom Range are?
Rittenhouse: Yes sir, it is true. We have asserted the right to control the surface access and egress to the extent of requesting people not to go in and out.
S: Under what legal authority was that done; that right asserted?
R: As far as I know sir, there is none; except decisions were made at a much, much higher level than mine that that be done.
S: There is no higher level than the laws of the United States.
R: No, sir, I understand, and we can describe that further if you would like, sir.
S: I would like.
R: In closed briefing.
S: Why would that have to be in a closed briefing?
R: I can't discuss it, sir...
R: As I stated earlier, originally we had no legal authority but we asserted the right to request people not to enter that area.
S: Now?
R: We legally did not have the authority.
Alien Contact - Timothy Good p.148
Area 51/Groom Lake

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