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In the last days of a 1990 election for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina, polls showed that an African-American Democrat, Harvey Gantt was running well ahead of the incumbent, the "hard right" Republican Jesse Helms...
In late October, however, virtually at the last minute, Helms came back to the state and drenched North Carolina's airwaves and households in a television commercial showing a pair of white hands tearing up a rejection slip for a job. The sound track made clear that the job had been given to a black, and almost without further effort Jesse Helms came from behind to win a fourth term.
Tragic Failure - Tom Wicker p.99

A Resolution of the European Parliament on the Trafficking of Central American Children alleged that near a "human farm" in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, infant corpses were found that "had been stripped of one or a number of organs." At another "human farm" in Guatemala, babies ranging from eleven days old to four months old had been found. The director of the farm, at the time of his arrest, declared that the children "were sold to American or Israeli families whose children needed organ transplants at the cost of $75,000 per child"...
Deterring Democracy - Noam Chomsky p. 221

It is now estimated that some 500 billion to 1.4 trillion taxpayer dollars will be needed to bail out the savings and loan crisis. One very obvious question, which has not been asked by the major news media, is what happened to so much money?
At least one investigative journalist, Pete Brewton, of the Houston Post, believes he has the answer. On February 4, 1990, Brewton wrote "During an eight-month investigation into the role of fraud in the nation's savings and loan crisis, The Post has found evidence suggesting a possible link between the Central Intelligence Agency and organized crime in the failure of at least 22 thrifts, including 16 in Texas."
It was the first in a series of S&L articles by Brewton that found links beween S&L's, organized crime figures, and CIA operatives, including some involved in gun running, drug smuggling, money laundering and covert aid to Nicaraguan contras. If S&L funds went to the contras or other covert operations it would help explain where some of the money went.
Project Censored 1990

[raided March 1, 1990]The Steve Jackson story is prototypically viral. A medium that promotes interactivity - fantasy gaming and associated computer bulletin boards - conducts memes that reflect the philosophy of gaming itself, in this case, cyberpunk. By straying too close to a conspiratorial mind-set, even in jest, the virusmakers provoke a tremendous and inappropriate response - the Secret Service raid - which gives the virus more exposure than the creators could have generated on their own. Alternative distributors depend on others, even the enemy, to spread their memes.
Media Virus - Douglas Rushfoff p.186
Steve Jackson Games vs. the Secret Service

[Time - "Masters of Deceit" on BCCI] The article was a series of hammer blows: Pharaon was described for the first time as a front man for Abedi; Clifford and Altman were described as now under scrutiny by a New York grand jury seeking to determine whether the pair were knowing front men; and President Carter was zinged for taking millions from Abedi - including $1.5 million long after BCCI was indicted and convicted for laundering drug money.
The Outlaw Bank : BCCI - Jonathan Beaty & S.C. Gwynne p.63

Investigative reports showed that BCCI was able to simultaneously manipulate the spy agencies of numerous countries, including the U.S., Israel Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, among others. BCCI was supplying funds for terrorist organizations such as Abu Nidal. BCCI rigged international commodity markets that permitted certain insiders to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, offset by the same amount lost by depositors. BCCI was laundering drug money for drug cartels throughout the...
Defrauding America Rodney Stitch

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Noriega surrenders to Delta Force

Not until the sixth day of the Panama invasion did the US Army augment its estimated dead (23 American troops, 297 alleged enemy soldiers) to include a figure for civilians: 254. The number was challenged as representing only a fraction of the true death toll by the few reporters who sought out independent sources: Panamanian human rights monitors, hospital workers, ambulance drivers, funeral home directors. These sources also spoke of thousands of civilian injuries and 10,000 left homeless.
The Media Goes to War: How Television Sold The Panama Invasion - by Mark Cook and Jeff Cohen
January- February 1990 issue of "Extra!", a publication of FAIR

On September 30, some of this information finally broke into the mainstream media in a television report by CBS news ("60 minutes"). {note: CBS TV, 7PM EST, Sept. 30, 1990.} Pictures of mass graves were shown, and a Panamanian woman who had worked for months to have a few of them opened and the remains identified, exhausting her own resources in the process, estimated civilian deaths at perhaps 4000. The CBS investigation also revealed new information: secret U.S. army reports estimating 1000 civilians killed -- not the 202 that were officially reported -- and urging that damage claims not be considered because the number might mount too high.
The Victors by Noam Chomsky

Up to August 1, the White House was still authorizing high technology shipments to Iraqi installations, including installations that were later bombed on the grounds that they were producing nuclear and chemical weapons.
Chronicles of Dissent - Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian p.305

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August, 1990 [Iraq had] a total of 3,000 heavy-equipment transporters for moving tanks. This is a remarkable number, he said. The whole U.S. Army has only 500.
The Commanders - Bob Woodward p.249

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Before the Gulf War, Israeli technology increasing the efficiency of the Scud missile was shipped to Iraq, Iran and Syria.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.131

The Gulf War from Frontline

A sizeable fraction of working people lived in a Kleenex economy : nearly a fourth of the labor force in the early '90s consisted of temps and part-timers, who were cheaper to maintain and easier to dispose of when they were no longer needed...One American in ten was on food stamps; one in eight living in poverty; one family in four had been directly touched by unemployment.
p.15 Quest for the Presidency 1992 - Peter Goldman, Thomas M. DeFrank, Mark Miller, Andrew Murr, Tom Matthews

In the 1990 budget, the money allotted for "domestic discretionary spending" - programs that the government was not already committed to pay for - was exceeded for the first time by the over $170 billion paid in interest on the national debt. Meanwhile, Stockman himself admitted that the deficit had nothing to do with "overspending." He blamed it on "the nation's decimated revenue base" - in other words, undertaxing.
House Rules - Robert Cuiklik

Bush fudged figures in his fiscal 1990 budget proposal, which said the deficit would be "only" $100 billion. Putting the billions needed for the S&L bailout "off budget" was just one of many gimmicks used to reach this optimistic estimate. With such gimmicks stripped away, the actual deficit looked like it would exceed $250 billion.
House Rules - Robert Cuiklik

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Since its beginnings, the black budget has continually been expanded; in 1990, it was estimated at $36 billion.
Elite Deviance - David R. Simon & D. Stanley Eitzen p.176

Orbit of Influence: Spy Finance and the Black Budget by Robert Dreyfuss

In an official statement made in April 1990, General Igor Maltsev, former Chief of the General Staff of the USSR's Air Defense Forces, admitted that over one hundred observations of UFOs had been reported to him on March 21 that year.
Alien Contact - Timothy Good p.28

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