The Secret History of the United States


Jan. 16 U.S.S. Bunkerhill fires the first shot at Iraq.

The Army had some new technologies. A radar "fire finder" allowing the U.S. to locate Iraqi artillery emplacements by establishing the trajectory of an artillery shot while it was still in the air. ..Before the enemy round landed, the U.S. forces would have a return barrage fired on that point...
The Commanders - Bob Woodward p.349

President Bush cleared all his moves - including the timing of offensives, and above all his objectives - with Mikhail Gorbachev, who promptly informed Saddam Hussein.
Informing Statecraft - Angelo Codevilla p.280

Noam Chomsky - The Gulf Crisis

News Reports from the Gulf War from the Vanderbilt Television News Archive

there's an article Bush Administration Uses CIA to Stonewall Iraqgate Investigation by Jack Colhoun at CovertAction Quarterly

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This is an interesting document showing the state of Russia August 21, 1991 from IDFradio

She [Hillary] connected the current troubles to a call that she remembered Bill telling her about in the summer of 1991, just as he was deciding to run for president. She recalled that he reported a direct threat from someone in the Bush White House, warning that if he ran the Republicans would go after him. "We will do everything we can to destroy you personally," she recalled that the Bush White House man said.
The Agenda - Bob Woodward p.33

More recently, and more directly related to the youth gangs, a national wave of violence was narrowly avoided when a post-office worker in Oregon discovered a box of explosives, along with disturbingly specific instructions, sent from a gang on the west coast to one on the east coast. Similar packages had in fact gone out to every major city. From these packages the FBI discovered that a coordinated plot to enact a simultaneous attack on police nationwide was about to take place on a specific date in 1991.
p.46 When the Eagle Screams - Stephen Bowman

BCCI [Bank of Commerce and Credit] fostered a global operation that bilked depositors of billions of dollars, but its seizure in August 1991 revealed that the Pakistan-based bank had also run a global intelligence operation, complete with a Mafia-like enforcement squad operating out of Karach...The network aided Iraqi nuclear smuggling with fake letters of credit and false custom valuations, which constituted one source of CIA interest in BCCI.
...And BCCI's Panama City branch had hidden "slush funds" disbursed by CIA to Noriega for various covert projects, such as anti-Sandinista rebels in Nicaragua. In exchange for BCCI's assistance on such matters, CIA had apparently refrained from reporting various BCCI transgressions to financial regulators and law-enforcement agencies.
Wedge - Mark Riebling p.418

As Time reported earlier this month, the National Security Council has used BCCI to funnel money for the Iran-Contra deals, and the CIA maintained accounts in BCCI for covert operations. Moreover, investigators have told Time that the Defense Intelligence Agency has maintained a slush-fund account with BCCI, apparently to pay for clandestine activities...
The Outlaw Bank : BCCI - Jonathan Beaty & S.C. Gwynne p.116

Background: Investigating BCCI and Savings and Loan Fraud Larry Gurwin

Just after midnight on March 17, 1991, for instance, a huge circular UFO hovered low above an elecrical substation in Carraizo, Trujillo Alto, observed by over one hundred witnesses in the surrounding area. The object appeared to be drawing power from the substation, causing an extensive power blackout, as well as burning out the transformers and other equipment, causing $355,000 in damages.
Alien Contact - Timothy Good p.242

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