The Secret History of the United States


The FBI scored a big win there [Hawaii] in 1992 when they lured Mitsuo Yoshimura out of Tokyo and into a Honolulu resort hotel. He thought he was there to finalize a $5-million "ice" deal. Arrested on U.S. soil, the 43-year-old boss of the Kyokushin-kai faction became the first, and to date the only, Yakuza leader to be convicted in the United States.
The Laundrymen - Jeffrey Robinson p.255

The OIC (Office of the Independent Counsel) obtained no evidence that Bush was aware of the diversion. The OIC learned in December 1992 that Bush had failed to produce a diary containing contemporaneous notes relevant to Iran/contra, despite requests made in 1987 and again in early 1992 for the production of such material. Bush refused to be interviewed for a final time in light of evidence developed in the latter stages of OIC's investigation, leaving unresolved a clear picture of his Iran/contra involvement. Bush's pardon of Weinberger on December 24, 1992 preempted a trial in which defense counsel indicated they intended to call Bush as a witness.
Volume I: Investigations and Prosecutions
Lawrence E. Walsh, Independent Counsel
August 4, 1993 p. xviii
Walsh Iran / Contra Report - Executive Summary

Though the scandal haunted Bush's reelection campaign, he weathered the many allegations of his involvement by insisting that he had not been in "the loop" on the Iranian arms-for-hostages initiative or the covert support of rebel forces in Nicaragua. (His statements were flatly contradicted the week before the November 1992 election, when the Iran-Contra special prosecuter released part of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger's diary, which revealed that Bush, in a critical meeting, voted to send Iran TOW missiles in exchange for hostages. The potentially damaging evidence in these notes did not, however, prevent George Bush from issuing a full pardon on Christmas Eve 1992 to Weinberger and five other Reagan administration officials who had been convicted of lying to or withholding information from Congress.
The Outlaw Bank : BCCI - Jonathan Beaty & S.C. Gwynne p.348

Only twenty-ywo members of Congress did not accept PAC contributions in their 1992 campaigns.
Common Cents - Representatives Timoythy J. Penny & Major Garrett p.1894

In President George Bush's reelection campaign, the Republican Party suspected that it was being taken over (or at least manipulated) by a strong coalition of Christian conservatives, with evangelical preachers lining up behind Jerry Falwell to put a Christian conservative policy in the White House.
When the Eagle Screams - Stephen Bowman p.214

When Bill Clinton was inaugurated, GSA performed these tasks or coordinated them as usual. But something was wrong. Unlike previous administrations, the Clinton staff provided very little help. It was not that the Clinton people did not want a smooth transition. Not at all. It was in their interest to have their offices assigned and parking passes issued as quickly as possible. Rather it was an overwhelming lack of competence that prevented the Clinton people from doing what was necessary to carry out the tasks that every other administration in memory had performed.
"The Clinton administration was not set up to do anything," a GSA building manager said. "If they had any preplanning, no one was aware of it. It could have been a lot smoother if they had done their homework.
Inside The White House - Ronald Kessler p.160

Following the president's lead, Clinton's staff began complaining about the computers. In fact, every recent administration has found the level of computerization in the White House to be inadequate, and each administration has upgraded the system. The Clinton people happened to be used to Apple Computer Inc. products, so nothing the White House offered met their expectations.
Inside The White House - Ronald Kessler p.170

Between 1933 and 1982, nearly 1 million Americans were killed by firearms in murders, suicides and accidents. Since 1960 alone, more than half a million have died as a result of gun injuries.In 1992, at least 35,000 died by gunfire.
Cease Fire - Josh Sugarman and Kristen Rand Rolling Stone March 10, 1994 p.31

February - Gennifer Flowers story

But in 1992 the U.S. Justice Department filed a complaint along with a consent decree signed by the Helms campaign, charging the Helms campaign with intimidation of black voters in violation of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. The department found that the Helms campaign had improperly mailed 125,00 postcards to registered voters in eighty-six predominantly black precincts, warning those voters that they might not be eligible to vote and adding that they could be prosecuted for fraud and sent to prison if they showed up at the polls. The Justice Department did not fine Helms or anyone invoved in his campaign.
Marching in Place - Michael Duffy and Dan Goodgame p.102

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The national debt had quadrupled in the Reagan-Bush years, to $4 trillion and counting.
Quest for the Presidency 1992 - Peter Goldman, Andrew Murr, Tom Matthews p.14

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...on April 20, 1992, in the Groom Lake vicinity, and showed a brief video film of "something that seems to defy the laws of physics," taken at night by an NBC camera team. "Hundreds of witnesses have seen the bright light hovering motionless over the mountains, then move quickly across the night sky at high speed - like a flying saucer," it was reported.
Alien Contact - Timothy Good p.200

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