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Haiti, in particular, was singled out in a confidential 1993 U.S. Senate report that accused Port-au-Prince police chief Lieutenant Colonel Michel Francois, the second most powerful military man in the country, of personally handling in excess of $100 million in annual drug trafficking bribes.
The Laundrymen - Jeffrey Robinson p.172

The New York Times April 8, 1996
C.I.A. Slow to Tell Secrets of '50s and '60s By TIM WEINER
[W] ASHINGTON -- The CIA publicly pledged in 1993 to release its files on its most important covert actions of the cold war -- coups in Iran and Guatemala, the Bay of Pigs fiasco -- in a matter of months. The promise is unfulfilled. The documents remain secret...
But one of these days -- maybe this year, maybe next -- the agency says the files on the 1953 coup in Iran, which installed Shah Mohammed Riza Pahlevi; the 1954 coup in Guatemala, which installed the first of several military governments, and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961 will begin to see the light of day...
Pereira said in an interview that 60,000 pages on the Bay of Pigs and 20,000 pages on Guatemala were being reviewed and censored and might be released later this year. Iran will take longer.

Rush Limbaugh and the Social Construction of a Liberal Conspiracy Theory

But the airport story wasn't true. Alone among the mainstream media, the Long Island, N.Y., daily Newsday checked airport flight logs and records and found no delays at LAX while Clinton got his haircut.
The Capital Gang Bang - Jon Katz Rolling Stone - April 19,1993 p.41

The magic goal of cutting $140 billion from the 1997 deficit had been exceeded; projections showed a reduction of about $180 billion for that year. Clinton was on the road actually to delivering on his campaign promise to halve the deficit in four years. Few people noticed.
The Agenda - Bob Woodward p.324

Noam Chomsky - The Clinton Vision

more on Clinton1994

more on debt1994

The ATF's interest in the Branch Davidians was sparked by a tip from a United Parcel Service employee who had made several deliveries of arms and weapon parts to the gun shop in 1992....According to a court affidavit, the ATF believed the cult had obtained grenade launchers, dozens of AK-47 and AR-15 semiautomatic rifles, some heavy-caliber sniper rifles, dozens of assorted handguns, and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition - all of them, astonishingly, legitimately acquired under Texas gun laws, which are about the most liberal in the world...the ATF believed [from an informant] it had evidence that Koresh and his followers were converting the semi-automatic weapons to machine guns and were manufacturing hand grenades and other explosive devices.Both of these processes are illegal.
The Bureau - Diarmuid Jeffreys

...a Treasury Department review said that a lost cameraman inadvertently disclosed the ATF plans when he asked a passing mailman for directions to the raid. The mailman was a Davidian sect member who raced back to the compound to warn the others.
p.222 When the Eagle Screams - Stephan Bowman

CIA officers even brokered some rather New Age help for the Bureau during the disastrous ATF-FBI seige against cultist David Koresh and his followers in Waco, Texas. On March 17, CIA and FBI officials met in suburban Virginia with Dr. Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Medical Academy, who had been working on a computerized acoustic device designed to plant thoughts in a person's mind.
p.429 Wedge:The Secret War Between the FBI and CIA - Mark Riebling

for more information on Waco The Ashes of Waco

In September 1993, the U.S. government concluded that mysterious illnesses suffered by hundreds of participants in the Persian Gulf War apparently were caused by still-unknown biological or chemical agents used by Iraq.
p.150 When the Eagle Screams - Stephen Bowman
There's a good article on this subject at the CovertAction site Gulf War Syndrome Covered Up - Chemical and Biological Agents Exposed by Dennis Bernstein

In March, Gannett News Service reported that among the maladies being studied as part of returning soldiers' "Gulf War syndrome" were complaints by "scores" of wives that their husbands' sperm painfully "burns" them on discharge. Among the symptoms were blisters, rashes, itching and vaginal discharge.

And the special prosecuter, Lawrence Walsh, kept digging tirelessly, seeking convictions and, when convictions weren't to be had, seeking justice. He had the proof that wrongs had been committed - but by the time the trials began, the whole country had heard some of the confessions of the guilty parties, which helped to tangle up the judicial process...All the final months of the Bush presidency were marked by new revelations. Most striking were Bush's diaries, with admissions of much greater knowledge of the Iran-contra affair than he'd ever publicly avowed. The fact is, he lied. It is an unpleasant fact, but a fact nevertheless. And just before he left office, George Bush handed out pardons right and left to the Reagan and Bush administration officials under indictment in Walsh's prosecutions...
Lawrence Walsh released his final report in 1993. Although Walsh didn't find grounds to press criminal charges against George Bush, he did find the vice president knew plenty about the Iran-contra operation. George Bush admitted as much - just once, under oath, in sealed testimony to Walsh's prosecution team.
p.123 The Camera Never Blinks Twice - Dan Rather with Mickey Herskowitz
Walsh's Third Interim Report to Congress is at Pink Noise

A similar situation took place in Somalia during 1993. The Adid faction slaughtered twenty-four Pakistani UN peacekeeping troops. The United Nations put a price on Mr. Adid's head and the United States contributed commandos to help in the hunt. One of the commando operations turned into a large-scale shoot-out. The United Sates suffered seventy-six casualties (including eighteen dead). But the Somalis lost ten times as many people.
Victory and Deceiy - James F. Dunnigan and Albert A. Nofi p.370

Photo ops in Somalia - from The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many by Noam Chomsky

Nafta's Corporate Con Artists by Sarah Anderson & Kristyne Peter - Covert Action Quarterly

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