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According to the Federal Election Commission and the public interest group Common Cause, from 1991 through 1994, the Republican party raised 95 million dollars in soft money. More than 90 percent of the largest donations (at least $20,000 each) came from business interests - corporations, executives, trade associations, and lobbying firms. During the same four-year period, the Democratic party raised 75 million dollars in soft money, more than 70 percent of that from corporate donors.
p.26 The Buying of the President - Charles Lewis and the Center for Public Integrity

The Pentagon's mysterious HAARP project, now under construction at an isolated Air Force facility near Gakona, Alaska, marks the first step toward creating the world's most powerful "ionospheric heater." The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), a joint effort of the Air Force and the Navy, is the latest in a series of little-known Department of Defense (DOD) "active ionospheric experiments."
Top Censored News Stories of 1994
Project HAARP: The Military's Plan to Alter the Ionosphere

On July 24, 1994, news services reported that human rights workers had uncovered mass grave sites in northern Guatemala believed to hold the bodies of as many as 1,000 peasants killed in the early 1980s, during the army's repressive campaign against rebels.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.154

Guatemala Massacre Excerpts from "Charlie Rose," March 31, 1995

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GE has pumped out more than $130 million in fines and settlements to cover its various transgressions.
A 10-year survey by a George Washington University professor found that two-thirds of the Fortune 500 were involved in one or more "significant illegalities". Seventy-five of the corporations were involved in five or more cases.
Why the Mighty GE Can't Strike Out - William Greider - Rolling Stone - April 21,1994 p.36

GOPAC was also like no other PAC on the national scene. It was established to aid Republican candidates seeking state legislative seats, with the idea that they would make a healthy "farm team" of future congressional candidates. As a result, it asserted that it was not required to abide by federal contribution limits and disclosure rules because it did not make direct cash contributions to candidates for national office. The only rules that bound it were those enacted by the states themselves, to regulate intrastate political activity. An added benefit of this approach was that in many states there were no contribution limits at all, and GOPAC could accept donations of any size.
Dirty Little Secrets - Larry J. Sabato and Glenn R. Simpson p.78

Every other national PAC has to disclose its financial activity. But GOPAC won't, claiming it funds mostly state Republican campaigns and therefore doesn't have to comply with national disclosure rules (the Federal Election Commission disagrees and is suing GOPAC in federal court). Even in the few states where GOPAC did file its campaign contributions, it used a smoke-and-mirrors trick, recycled contributions, to hide the sources of some of GOPAC's funding. Newt's apparently afraid of showing us just what his special interests are.
Coin-Op Congress Mother Jones
The Secret GOPAC List Mother Jones

The second area in which corporate attorneys are presently working to strengthen their no-contest hold on the justice system is, like tort reform, embedded in Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America." This scheme was put forth by House Republicans in H.R.9 - the "Jobs Creation and Wage Enhancement Act." The measure has nothing to do with jobs and wages. It is, rather, a cynical effort to hamstring the presently modest federal health, safety, and environmental regulation by adding mountains of bureaucratic hurdles and new opportunities for industry-inspired litigation. And it was written and fine-tuned by squads of high-priced corporate lawyers on behalf of virtually every major industrial sector.
No Contest - Ralph Nader and Wesley J. Smith p. 360

The Republicans' ballyhooed Contract with America is a perfect example. Beyond its laudable reform platform, there is nothing but budgetary cotton candy. No accountant in America can reduce the deficit with lower taxes, higher defense spending, and a hands-off approach to Social Security. And that's exactly what the Republicans have promised.

Noam Chomsky on the New Republicans - Rollback

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Earlier, the Associated Press reported (5/21/94) that Justice Department prosecuters had evidence that top Haitian military officers were involved in cocaine smuggling and that U.S. intelligence agencies may have cooperated with the smugglers.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.157

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In September 1994, the United States intercepted communications from Haitian dictator Raoul Cedras in which he said that he would determine his response to President Clinton's demands based on the reaction of the American public to the president's forthcoming speech on U.S. Haitian policy.
The U.S. Intelligence Community - Jeffrey T. Richelson p. 172

The Tragedy of Haiti Year 501 - Noam Chomsky

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