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You may not have noticed, but the Internet, one of the hottest news stories of 1995, was essentially sold last year. The federal government has been gradually transferring the backbone of the U.S. portion of the global computer network to companies such as IBM and MCI as part of a larger plan to privatize cyberspace. But the crucial step was taken on April 30, when the National Science Foundation shut down its part of the Internet, which began in the 1970s as a Defense Department communications tool. And that left the corporate giants in charge.
Project Censored 1995 originally in The Nation by Andrew L. Shapiro

In 1995, the Clinton administration authorized the Pentagon's seizure of 3,900 acres that included distant peaks from which military technofreaks had long been gawking at the base. This was land that even the Reagan administration ignored during an 89,000-acre Groom Lake land grab in 1984. The cost of literally denying Groom Lake's existence--from patrolling its ever-expanding borders to managing rigid security clearances to shuttling hundreds of workers daily in unmarked jetliners--is enormous.
from Paint it Black By Christopher Weir from MetroActive News

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Russia Injects Earth with Nuke Waste
For more than three decades, the Soviet Union and now Russia secretly pumped billions of gallons of atomic waste directly into the earth and, according to Russian scientists, the practice continues today.
The scientists said that Moscow had injected about half of all the nuclear waste it ever produced into the ground at three widely dispersed sites, all thoroughly wet and all near major rivers. The three sites are at Dimitrovgrad near the Volga River, Tomsk near the Ob River, and Krasnoyarsk on the Yenisei River. The Volga flows into the Caspian Sea and the Ob and Yenisei flow into the Arctic Ocean.
At worst, it might leak to the surface and produce regional calamities in Russia and areas downstream along the rivers. If the radioactivity spreads through the world's oceans, experts say, it might prompt a global rise in birth defects and cancer deaths.
Project Censored 1995 originally in Santa Cruz Sentinel by William J. Broad

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- For 20 years, the United States has secretly used psychics in attempts to hunt down Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, find plutonium in North Korea and help drug enforcement agencies, the CIA and others confirmed Tuesday.
The ESP spying operations -- codenamed "Stargate" -- were unreliable, but three psychics continued to work out of Fort Meade, Maryland, at least into July, said researchers who evaluated the program for the CIA. The program has cost the government $20 million, said Ray Hyman, a psychology professor at the University of Oregon in Eugene, who helped prepare the study.
Associated Press, Nov 28, 1995

CIA Used Psychics To Find Information

The Washington Post reported in April that the Department of Defense is testing two anti-vomiting drugs that it hopes will allow soldiers, for the short-term after a nuclear attack, to continue to perform their mission before they ultimately die of nuclear radiation.

The party oracles were content to spend whatever Reagan wanted on defense as long as he allowed them to spend whatever they wanted on Social Security, Medicaid, and other social programs. This was a deal the Reagan White House gladly accepted. This deal is why today we have our annual deficit of nearly $180 billion and a public debt of almost $5 trillion.
Common Cents - Representatives Timothy J. Penny & Major Garrett p.8

...Unless President Clinton (or any future President) and the congressional leadership decide to confront the rising cost of these automatic pilot programs [Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, etc.] jointly, the deficit will grow. It won't matter how much taxes are raised. It won't matter how much defense spending is reduced. It won't matter if we eliminate every penny of foreign aid (we will spend $18 billion on foreign aid in 1995, or 0.012 percent of our entire budget).
None of this will matter unless the nation decides it can do without some of the Social Security, Medicare, veterans, or other entitlement benefits they receive.
p.38, 43 Common Cents - Representative Timothy J. Penny & Major Garrett

Informed ReSource: The National Debt

The December 1995 Budget Impasse

Listen to the news: a bear, the last survivor in the Sarajevo zoo, died of starvation. He died after eating his mate, as did all the other animals, the eagles, the leopards, the lions, the tigers, and the pumas.
Zombification - Andrei Codrescu p.201

Noam Chomsky on Bosnia

One in four Americans will die prematurely from cancer. Yet few Americans know that the industry and government scientists who assure them their food supply is safe have no idea how the 70 carcinogenic pesticides legally applied to America's food interact.
Censored : The News That Didn't Make the News - And Why - Carl Jensen & Project Censored 1995 p.99
Project Censored online

ADM: A Case Study in Corporate Welfare

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