Who benefits from a webmarch? 

You do.  From the TRUTH that will result from disclosure of secrets that undercut our freedom, our democracy and our national and human heritage. 

A call for a 'webmarch' on Washington DC, State Capitals, Mayor offices and local radio, TV and newspapers and educational institutions across the country, if not the entire planet, calling for SERIOUS and OPEN and HONEST scientific investigations and hearings and meetings raised by the new Cydonia Mensae Face image and Disclosure Project. 


I know many people concentrate on specific space things, but the subject of WHO built these things, WHERE are they now, and WHY haven't they landed on the White House lawn invariably come up with true n sincere skeptics as well as being brought up by the outright blind dismissers.  In other words, for some people to come around and finally agree the Cydonia Mensae Face alone IS artificial  (much less anything else being artificial), we who purport it to be that then MUST, according to them, have the answers for all those other questions which then spring forth.  Who built them? What did they use to build them? When did they build them? Where did they go? Why were they built? and How does it affect my life? 


Remember that most people go through their lives with their vision narrowed to the path of their lives between their toes and it takes a lot of carnage in the outside world to even get them interested beyond the TV news to wonder what’s going on around them in the wider world; much less to have the curiosity or inclination to look up at the stars themselves and notice and wonder about ‘out there’ when there is so so much to worry about between their toes down here.  We NEED to find a way to patiently, persistently, politely, peacefully, but also so ever pointedly to aim a message into the collective psyche.


In order to garner public support for PUBLIC pressure upon the bureaucrats we need to address this preconception that it is necessary for us to come up with final answers to those questions, but it must at least be acknowledged that the general public really has these concerns and questions in their minds when this subject matter comes up.  They can't help it, its human to do so, we ourselves are wondering the same things after all.


A phone, letter, AND email campaign to ALL of our political representatives and news outlets from the local level to the national level is necessary and is urgently needed to maintain the momentum of the Project Disclosure news conference and the 2001 Cydonia Mensae Face image.  YOU, the citizens are the ONLY ones who can bring the politicians and media around to putting pressure on those who withhold the information to release it.  If you’ve ever protested anything before, this should be a breeze for you, a nostalgic trip back to the 60s and 70s; for others who have never written on complained before, it’s past time you started letting the government, OF the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE know what YOU the PEOPLE really and truly want.  It is the ONLY way we will get what we want.


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For information on the Cydonia Mensae Face visit:



http://www.newfrontiersinscience.com/index.shtml--broken 7/31/2007

http://www.newfrontiersinscience.com/martianenigmas/--broken 7/31/2007

http://www.newfrontiersinscience.com/ArchiveIndex/v01n01/evidence.shtml--broken 7/31/2007

My own take on the Enigmatic Martian Mug


For information on the great effort of more than 450 Government Witnesses from Astronauts to the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, DOD, police, pilots and other heroes visit http://www.disclosureproject.org/ where information about how the government has secretly and illegally been covering up proof of the existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence piloting Flying Saucers in our skies and Solar System.

More political action info on Flying Saucers:


Your own local politicians can be asked to write the national politicians on your behest to inquire into these matters.  This includes non-United States people too!  If you DO nothing about this, then you must then be satisfied with the nothing we’re getting from the governments.  If you don’t ACT, then you have no basis for honest complaint it’s taking too long to get average humans anywhere in space and astronauts and cosmonauts anywhere beyond Low Earth Orbit.

  Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.

Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ??

Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk. 
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.

Bob... ;-{) 



PS: Spread this message as far and wide as possible for greatest impact. 


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