Where's the evidence for Flying Saucers?

Wow !  Where to begin?  I'm reluctant  having to bring a Pres. Bill Clinton'ism into this; but the TRUTH is the TRUTH no matter it's source.  I must begin with what YOUR definition of 'evidence' is.  Like Bill's argument of what 'is' is; ANYTHING presented to YOU is interpreted in YOUR own unique manner.  For how we view our world, and the Universe surrounding it, is ALWAYS shaped, molded, and influenced by all the moments before the one you're in in right now.  If you are not open to at least being persuaded by ANY evidence that humanity has NEVER been:


1. All alone
2. On a flat Earth
3. At the center of the Universe
4. As it revolves around us
5. Riding on the back of a giant turtle

then there is nothing I, nor ANY other  Earth human can show you, place in your hands, or take you to experience that will convince you.  Only a real abduction experience by real ETs will make you change your mind, and even then you might not come to 'believe' it actually happened.  No, some ET will have to let you sit in the 'Captain's Chair' and take her 'round the inner 'Solar Block' before your paradigm will crumble.  If your mind is that made up, then there is nothing here that can put you in that seat.  Thanx for stopping by.


However, if you believe that enough evidence can make a compelling case to come to a common sense conclusion that Humanity, in reality, is NOT alone in this Solar System much less the Universe, then these sets of pages will hopefully give you the evidence that your own view of Creation can come to accept as being valid and TRUE!

Project Disclosure  A news conference held at the National Press Club where an effort to bring the more than 1500 military, civilian and government people who have witnessed directly evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( ETI ).  This effort headed by Dr. Steven Greer has the best chance for ALL of us to become involved in getting out the TRUTH about Flying Saucers and Humanity's small place in this gigantic Universe.



Mr. Stephen Bassette is the leading political action committee person who is registered to lobby Congress and other levels of government on our behalf for the disclosure of Flying Saucer and ETI information to the general public.  Another warrior on the front lines fighting for our freedom of knowledge and for basic honesty from our government about this issue.


Throughout recorded history humanity has painted on cave walls to modern digital imaging the things n beings seen in our daily lives.  There's a fellow named Matthew Hurley whose website depicts many many ancient works of art that depict Flying Saucers in the skies.  The 'debunkers' can't use the argument that people were mistaking secret military projects, balloons, other airplanes, Venus or space debris.  Some of these depictions are 29,000 years old ! ! !

Ancient Astronauts


For a more modern view of the state of 'evidence' that is out there, my Stanton Friedman page here is also a good source of information.

It is also true that images can be faked today with amazing ease, and from experience I know that showing images from the late 1940's through the early 1980's when computer image enhancement was NOT available to the public in general; will not end up 'convincing' true skeptics who said they've seen 'em before.  Since my disk space is limited I have decided to let the Pentagon speak from that era.  This letter is what our government was 'somewhat' trying to tell us when endorsing Maj. Donald Keyhoe's efforts and the remarkable letter from our government in 1953 that they admitted UFO's were likely ETs! 

We have the capability to not only walk again on the Moon, but to let our children play on the Moon. Below is one of 2 pictures I used in my final MS Access exam in using the OLE type of data field.  I scanned it from Omni magazine for any space fans who remember it, it is sadly missed by me.  I used it as a final gift to the students who had to transfer it to floppies and as an inspiration I hoped to have an 'effect' down through the future moments of their lives.  For this effort I make absolutely NO apologies for.  I feel that the lives of my fellow community members have been lessened because this image of what could have been, and yet could still yet be, will not become part of their stream of thoughts.  I apologize to the artist for forgetting the name ( should have used the TEXT tool and imprinted it on the image - we all make boo-boos - 'nother lesson u students ) 

Dare we to dream this big?

We walked among the stars

Though there is danger in humanity's dream to fly
We must go out there for the answers to all the whys
For the stars are mere twinkles in God's smiling eyes
Beacons guiding us to Creation's encompassing loving sigh

We were out there once walking about heads held high
A togetherness of emotion making every human proudly cry
For we were all behind that final relieving sigh
When Tranquility Base called out a welcoming hi

Oh how bored we can get with our collective bliss
Someone must invent us a reason to snarl n hiss
And we find ourselves dumbfounded how it has come to this
That our children reach out to each other with guns in their fists

We had the gates to the stars in our hands
But we turned our backs and away we ran
Back down overpopulating and ruining the land
The count of souls lost exceeding the sea's sand

But the worst of all is the pain built on false trust
For we could have had our children playing safely in Moon dust
And over their radios you would never hear them swear or cuss
Because they had grown up to be really just like us

(c) Rhw 7-20-1999

I don't think the Universe will allow us to live on the Moon or Mars until we learn how to stop killing one another with such emotionless impunity.  We must find what happened to the human heart.  Only then can an answer be TRUTHFULLY considered to the question:


How could an ET really trust you?


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