CSC Radio Show

Episode 1 - 03-01-2003

I first want to thank RF Burns and all the other many fine folks at ZeroPointRadio.Com.

For the excellent forum and work and dedicated effort in keeping this area of the world-wide-web open for dissemination of excellent programming and another voice crying into the dark of the night from the middle of a tornado screaming out the BRUTAL TRUTH while questing forever for the answers we humans always forever ask:

Who are we?  What do we want?

And so many more.

My first radio show is presented here in several MP3 links at present.  Adjusting volume up for the talk portion may be necessary and I apologize for this.  Also each link will need to be clicked on individually at the moment.  Unlike my FREE MUSIC (at the bottom of the Art Page) my speaking portion of this first episode of the CommonSenseCentral Radio Show was not professionally recorded.  Below also is a text portion of what the talk sessions say and the links also to what I am talking about in the about half-hour show.  Also is a listing of the songs I have chose for the show.   I hope to incorporate future shows with more songs relating to the topics at hand as we move forward in the great struggle to simply learn to re-crawl humanity out from our cradle of the Earth once more.

CSC Radio Show Episode 1


The Light - Starship

Talk Session A

Welcome to the Common Sense Central radio show, episode 1

The opening song is called 'The Light' by Starship a group who came from The Great Society in its roots. This radio show will be about roots, and the future we can grow from our common roots.

I have wanted to do this for some time, and now the chance and timing seem right. The day I am starting to put this show together is the last day of January 2003, the 31st day of the 1st month, 3 AM listening to Zero-Point and wondering...where is humanity REALLY taking me?

Because while we are all in our own dreams and bubbles of possibilities we call our bodies which are fueled by our souls and driven by our desires, we are also riders on the vast ship of reality speeding through war after war, getting more progressively deadly and much too easy to 'get into'. Seems we would rather make war than go to space. And for a 360 Billion War Buck-a-roo Budget humanity should be able to go to Andromeda much less Mars and to the Moon again. Why aren't we? Why does our government want to go to War rather than go into Space with all that money? And its YOUR money.

This show will attempt to persuade you to take ACTION. To actually DO something for space exploration by letting your politicians know that you want your children dreaming of going to space not war, dreaming of opening new frontiers not worrying about security lapses in current borders, and dreaming of greeting new intelligence rather than fear and hate the familiar faces around us.

That Intro I just read, I wrote before we lost seven more souls, now numbering 17 total, who have given their all to go to the stars in search of truth, for all of us.

The recent loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia should have a given us a reminder of a lesson we failed to really learn after the Challenger accident. That unless we are open and honest with our ENTIRE space program we will not only not inspire our youth, but risk loosing the interest of the American public. It shouldn't take a tragedy to bring the MEDIA into line with the underlying support America itself has for our space efforts. It never hits the 'radar' screen of 'polls' run in the media and politics because so very LITTLE coverage of space activities get reported on a daily, or even weekly basis. A media fed only by the Brutal Truth of "if it bleeds it leads".

And sadly some of the MOST important questions are NOT getting publicly asked or discussed about where our Space program should now go. Questions about where is the Aurora, the Delta Clipper, the X-33 and other exotic very high-technology vehicles that have been written about, tested and then discarded for sundry political reasons. The more than 500 men and women from Government Military, Spy, Law Enforcement, Air, Space and Energy areas of the make it abundantly clear these technologies and vehicles have existed for more than half a century.

The Crash at Roswell...Jeff Atwood

Talk Session B

At the website page at for this Episode are Links for Area 51 technology possibilities that should be released from the 'closet' and grant ALL of humanity access to the TRUTH and to the Stars.

Note: if some of these links end up 'not working' by the time you read or hear this then 'they' have won. We will attempt to re-build any of the web pages that the hagiographers of history steal from our past and terrorize our future by denying the truth.

You, the reader, the listener, the one lone person YOU are CAN make a difference if you ACT. If you actually take up pen and paper and write your media, your political reps, and your government officials of your desire for a more robust and honest and FULL space program that is inclusive of the common person. You can pick up a phone and CALL these folks asking them to make PUBLIC commitments to supporting such a space program.

Find out HOW and WHERE here:


And not just the prattling politicians with their promises and platitudes. You need to contact your local media, and the national media and let THEM know you want to see more SPACE news than WAR news. Because this war stuff is something the world is being led and manipulated into by a very few folks compared to the rest of humanity. I don't think the country gets a vast amount of mail asking for us to make war. Do we REALLY want to be along for THIS ride? Some wars DO need to be fought, but is this one it? Who decides which information gets out and which doesn't? Who decides which story to use with this allegation? Who decides which way to blow on the puff of wispy smoke to spin the flames of war? Does your media seem led and collaborating with the 'new makers', the puppeteers. Is history unfolding randomly or is it a process where forces are trying to control its unraveling of story already old and known? Are you following along? Are you a puppet on a string? Do you really think for yourself and that you know all you need to know? Are you willing to do something about what you find troubling or what you think is good or evil? Are you willing to act? Are you willing to answers questions about who you really are?

War Movie....Kanter n Slick

Talk Session C

Questions. We should always have questions even beyond the final answers. We should be questing forever forward in peace, into the light. Because there will come a time when n where matters not...but these questions will require answers...and only the Brutal Truth will do...

Who are you? What do you Want?

When your heart is stopped and breath is caught?

Why are you here? Where have you been?

Where are you going? What will happen then?

Are you the hero to step forward?

Are you the thief of the Truth?

Are you the rebel of the revolution?

Are you the lion in the dead of night?


Flowers in the night....Kanter n Slick

Talk Session D

So...are YOU ready to help in the fight to get humanity to the stars? Are you ready to DO something to let the prattling politicians, the babbling bureaucrats, and the mindless media minions that YOU want more SPACE activity than WAR actions? Will YOU volunteer to write, to call, to fax, to VISIT these people and let them know you want ACTION taken on getting humanity into space, ACTION taken on declassifying the secret technology of AREA 51 that can end the endless oil wars and bring humanity into a new age of enlightenment?

I want to thank ALL the folks at for making a HUGE difference by allowing BRUTAL TRUTH to be broadcast with a variety of excellent shows and hosts. At you can find information on how YOU can volunteer to make a difference also. Because the LAST question I want to leave you with is:

What will it take for YOU to step forward and volunteer to simply SPEAK ?



Hope you enjoyed the show.

End CSC Episode 1

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