Song-Call it right call it wrong -Grace Slick

Talk Session A

Welcome to the Brutal Truth Hour radio show, episode 2

For a webpage to follow along with the show you can visit hosted by and of course great thanx to the great folks at for hosting this show itself. That song by Grace Slick says a lot about how humanity sees itself from both a narrow and broad range perspective. How easily do some of us condemn others because of their beliefs or behaviors. We are a group of supposedly intelligent beings yet our chief occupation and time-consuming tasks seem to be criticizing and going to war with other humans for living their lives from their own perspectives. We " believe " we know best for them and decide to interfere and decide for others how they should live, what they should eat, and even now what they should even think. It IS a war, a constant war amongst ourselves our diverse opinions and cultures and as always the first casualty in war is TRUTH; and sadly second is the CHILDREN.

Well the BRUTAL TRUTH is that we are ALL individuals and are entitled ALL to live our lives in our own manner as long as it doesn't harm others. It is unconscionable that we should harm others simply for THINKING or PRAYING to Gods or Goddess in a manner different from our own views. Yet more wars and souls have been fought and lost over that very concept of God n religion. Where is the 'tolerance' of our diversity that is so inherent in the fundamental tenets of every major religion? We rail against 'fundamentalists' as if they were terrorists when in reality they are not following their own fundamental teachings, but twisting those teachings into a greedy grab for power over others, to force them into our mold, to make them more like us. Who becomes the real terrorist then? And what, really think now, WHAT lessons are we teaching the children? We ask them to share and play nice while they see adults fight and make war. What are the REAL lessons of our time? What about the children?

Song-Think About the Children-Fanny

Talk Session B

What are the lessons our children are learning from us? Can we have a clue by what they do? Have they progressed further than their parents?

What are we doing to inspire our youth? When class sizes are increased and class time is decreased because of sundry political budgetary reasons while spending 360 Billion bucks for a war to get one man somebody forgot to get the last time around? Where is the push for development of the heart and the intellect? Where is there room for the compassion we need for one another? Why are the youth bombarded by ads calling them to national guard state armies? Why is the military the biggest employer of our youth? Are we producing nothing but a nation of soldier killers? We sure are. And where do those youth go who want to kill and there is no war? Where do they go to find an enemy? Have they gone from sticks n stones to gore n bones? Is there a new meaning to the school drill of duck n cover?

Song- Youth of the Nation-DOD

Talk Session C


In the first episode I tried to inspire you to take ACTION To actually DO something for space exploration by letting your politicians know that you want your children dreaming of going to space not war, dreaming of opening new frontiers not worrying about security lapses in current borders, and dreaming of greeting new intelligences rather than fear and hate the familiar faces around us.

And I STILL hope n pray that you have done something and will continue to do more to help bring humanity out into the stars. To LEAVE this planet in unity. To dream of building spaceships rather than battle ships. To break out the technology from the closets of Area51-Dreamland that the more than 500 folks of the DisclosureProject.Org who have come forward from years of experience that testify to the reality of the Flying Saucers. That SOME of those things we see in the sky are not from here. That we ARE NOT alone in the Universe, and that we are being visited, have been visited, and will always be visited; by intelligent entities...not of this Earth.

Song-Have you seen the Saucers-JS

Talk Session D

I hope you will return to and recommend to friends the show as we delve into more areas and more topics that explore why NASA needs to be allowed FULL civilian access to the technologies our defense department has secreted away in the deserts of Nevada and Utah. And I encourage you to check out the page at about this show for links to Spacecraft like the Aurora, The X-33, the Delta Clipper, and the other exotic technologies that the folks at the from the Space, Military, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, FBI and other governmental organizations have categorically stated exist now. Maybe its time that rather than come forward with only testimony of these craft, it might be time for a bold revolutionary, a lone patriot to fly into history, to make a bold and couragous journey into the future of BRUTAL TRUTH that we are NOT alone in the Universe; by hijacking one of those Aurora's or spacecraft and land it in a public arena to let us know there exists OTHER ways to get into space, and that there is OTHER intelligences we must learn to get along with; so we better learn to get along with each other...and soon. Because unless the BRUTAL TRUTH that we are NOT alone in the Universe is not part of the psyche of this planet's population soon, this planet may not have a population for long. The bold courageous pilot must make that lone move and DEFECT, HIJACK that Starship and give it to the people of the Earth.

Song...Hijack the starship-Jefforson Starship.


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