Clinton Community College

Course Syllabus

Intermediate Business Software- DAP 522

Instructor: Robert Williams

Autumn 1999





1. Course Description: This course will instruct students in the more advanced features of software needed for today’s office environment.

The topics covered in the class will include the following:

Operating Systems:

Advanced folder and storage design and implementation

Customization of desktop and program operation environments

Addition of new and networking hardware components

Addition and removal of software components

Communication of data over intranets and the internet

Security concerns in today’s environment

Word Processing:

Creation of columnar color brochures

Use of multi-indent lists and bullets

Creation of custom designed logos with 3-D effect

Creation of web pages and site design

Use of mail merge to create monthly billing statements

Creation of custom styles

Use of pre-defined files for frequently used information

Customizing Word for targeted usage

Integration of data from spreadsheets and databases


When to use spreadsheet verses database application

Use of real world situations for design instruction

Coverage of more functions beyond simplistic examples

Continued graphic representation of data on a real-time basis

Multiple spreadsheet integration of numerical data

Presenting numerical data for the internet

Auditing of data for validity and timeliness


Auditing of office information for types and frequency of use

Creation of sample data flow series showing sources and needs

Design and determination of data needs

Creation and integration of tables, queries, forms and reports

Auditing of data for validity and timeliness


Use of Power Point for electronic presentations of data and ideas

Presentations will include integration of elements from other applications

2. Course Prerequisites: DAP 500 or equivalent experience and/or course from other accredited school.

  1. Textbooks: In CCC Bookstore
  2. Course objectives: To train students in the full use of software tools available in the office environment. To train students in how to approach a data or informational problem in the office environment and the necessary steps to define, diagnose, and define the problem; then how to design, implement and test the solution.
  3. Method of instruction: The course will be conducted using lectures, conferences, multimedia presentations, and hands-on experience.
  4. Assignments: Various assignments from textbook along with selected common office problems in data integration and compilation. One major project will be due by the end of the course. Project must be outlined and have prior teacher approval before it can be accepted for credit.
  5. Attendance and make-up policy:
  6. Failure to attend class and failure to meet deadlines for computer projects will be considered in the evaluation process. Examinations will be announced well in advance and all students will be expected to attend. Students who require special considerations must make prior arrangements with the LRC.

    A) Students who miss eight (8) or more class hours will automatically be withdrawn from the course.

    2 lates = 1 unexcused absence. NOTE: a Y grade can disqualify you from future financial aid.

    B) Students who cannot attend the scheduled examination must contact me prior to the examination to receive full credit for the makeup.

    C) Late makeup tests will be counted at 80% of the original value.

    D) Late homework or other assignments will also be counted at 80% of the original value.

  7. Supplies: Each student will be required to purchase four (4) 3 inch high density floppy diskettes. You must bring your disks to each and every class.
  8. Methods of evaluation and grading: There will be 4 major tests in the areas of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software. There will also be one major project which will incorporate all software platforms covered in the course. Attendance and class participation is also counted in determining final grade. Each of the above is worth the following proportional amount to the final grade:

Remember this stuff can be FUN!

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