From a Mars Report:


Mars Report
By Christin-Marie Knapp
DAP 500 -01C Summer 1999

I am so uninspired by Mars
I start writing so many things but I never get very far
It is a planet, said to be red
Our neighboring planet and everything is dead
I prefer to gaze into the beautiful evening stars

Mars is further from the Sun than Planet Earth
It is no wonder that it gives no birth
The temperatures are cold enough to freeze
And clouds of dust blow across the barren land in the breeze
I could see the trouble in the quest for its worth

There is no water from which life could drink
It is so dry your eyes probably couldn't blink
But yet some people are convinced
That life could possibly exist
I think to live there most certainly would stink

I can support the exploration of outer space
I am sure what can be found; you will find no other place
What can be learned may be worth it
If you can dig beneath the surface
But for now the time and money is a waste

By Christin-Marie Knapp
01 July 1999

  posted 9-13-1999